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Feb. 1st, 2011 11:18 pm
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 3. Your favourite television program.

I really don't watch much TV any more, and the shows I watch I follow online.
Right at this moment, the only ones I follow are How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Glee. As you may have guessed, at the moment the one I obsess over is Glee. However, there is an entire question later on regarding Glee so I'll go on another rant then.

Instead, questions within a question woot!
Going to do this for each show.

How I Met Your Mother
Favourite character: Marshall. He's a giant teddy-bear.
Character I relate to: Ted mostly, except he's even sappier than I am... XD
Favourite pairing: Marshall/Lily is the canon no-brainer, they're adorable but I LOVE Robin/Barney so much.
Favourite season: 5th if I absolutely had to choose. I think.
Reason I love it: It's hilarious, but can be poignant - often at the same time. The friendship between the main characters always seems so real.
Problem with the show: sometimes I think it's so sex-focused that it is annoying, but then, I'm good at ignoring that because it is pretty funny.

The Big Bang Theory
Favourite character: Sheldon. I mean, seriously.
Character I relate to: Apparently I am like Leonard. XD
Favourite pairing: Heh. If Raj/Howard were actually canon I would die. Sheldon/Penny exchanges are amazing too.
Favourite season: 2nd, once it had a rhythm and before it started playing around with Penny/Leonard.
Reason I love it: It's damn funny. Sheldon has the best one-liners ever.
Problem with the show: good at developing drama, not so good at resolving anything... (start of season 3, anyone?)

Favourite character: Kurt.
Character I relate to: I think one of the reasons I love this show so much is that I can relate to different characters at different points in time. I can't narrow it down to one.
Favourite pairing: Kurt/Blaine.
Favourite season: Loving the second so far. Less 'Rachel Berry Show' and more 'Kurt Hummel Show'
Reason I love it: It can be funny, serious, moving, realistic or clichéd, and it's based around a music group. *grins*
Problem with the show: Inconsistency. And not giving enough solos to the people I want to hear =P
Enough rambling about TV now. Mhmm.


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