Feb. 14th, 2011

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 15. Tell us your favourite junk food.

I like lots of junk food, but I'd say my favourite just has to be chocolate. Pretty predictable, huh XD

... Yeah not much else to say about that. As an example, I bought two pretty big blocks of chocolate a couple of days ago and it's all gone. I have zero self control when it comes to it.
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Oh, Valentine's Day - you are ridiculous. Yep. Also known as Single's Awareness Day. Or just plain old February 14th. You have the cute couples, the people who get really lonely, and then people who just can't seem to catch a break - or take a hint. Most of this is actually nothing to do with me, it was just another day to me today. Got up, bummed around, taught for 4.5 hours straight with no break, drove home and sat here on my computer.
I am insanely surprised that my brother's girlfriend isn't here. Or he isn't there. 

I've spent the past few days finally acknowledging that uni starts back soon. Yesterday I managed to clear out my desk drawers (all but one, which I will try to do tonight) and find another place to put all the old uni work. I finally put everything away from my trip, organised/cleaned my bathroom cupboard, reorganised all my folders on my computer.
Then I rewatched the two Glee eps 'with' my new Glee-obsessed friend (WHO I MIGHT MEET ON THURSDAY WHEEEEE) via fb chat. Twas hilarious and amusing. Rewatching it though just reminded me of how much I actually relate to Kurt. Insane, huh? Very straight female who doesn't care about fashion, doesn't have a great voice relates to Kurt Hummel more than any other character on Glee. *chuckles* I mean, just the way he reacts to things, the story arcs sometimes, in the Valentine's Day Ep it was the way he told Blaine about thinking it was him he was going to ask out. Not in so many words, but I can definitely understand the whole 'I'm just going to spit it out now and hope for the best'.

I'm planning on going in to uni tomorrow to buy books (English novels if nothing else, I need to start reading them now so when I have assignments due it doesn't suck up my time) and to pick up my music for placement auditions for ensembles. 
I'm sure there was more I was going to say. Oh well. Have some more pictures. Because I can, Damn it.


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