Feb. 20th, 2011

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 Secret Diary of a Call Girl is back! Yay for British TV and featured actresses who are shaped like real women (even better when they're the focus of a very sexual story). The end of the ep was super-cute too.

Over the past few days my life has been pretty boring, with a couple of exceptions. I've been reorganising my life, as I have said before, and I am well on my way to feeling like I am! Work was fun yesterday morning, even though I was in a really bizarre mood. I had a sore throat and blocked sinuses (still do, not fun) but my students are great. One of those moments when I realise that I am doing the right course for me, and that i will be perfectly happy if I teach and do those shows like 'The Sound of Music'. If that's the extent of my career? That's right - that's fine.

I spent the afternoon organising my internet bookmarks. Then sending an epic email to [livejournal.com profile] sine_animo  with Klaine fic recs. And then epic fb spam of my music, because that's one thing we hadn't talked about. Yep, we have similar tastes too. =D
It amused me that she posted on lj about being 'pathetic' on Saturday nights, story of my LIFE. I don't even care. I have fun!

On my to-do list for this afternoon:
- Pack for Adelaide. Tomorrow will fly and I am going to uni/work. I leave Tuesday evening. I'm so excited, it'll be great to see my great-uncle and aunt again, and the fringe festival in general sounds so awesome.
- keep relabelling a whole lot of music taken off a friend's ipod.
- talk to my parents about getting lifts to and from the airport this week.
- start going through my violin music and put some sort of organisational system in place so I can find stuff
- practice
- post a link to 'The Dam Breaks' to fb. Daunting but I really really want to.

On that last point, thank you for your responses. *squishes f-list* I love you guys. I do.

At some point I should go have a shower too, I guess. 

Ooh one more thing! I haven't done this yet, but I now have twitter (pebblegosling's fault, blame her for making me get one if it's boring).
Follow me?

Now, I shall be off to start on this list so I can start the new semester of uni feeling on top of everything. I know that won't last long but I can certainly try.

Edit: I just started listening to this and got shivers up and down my spine. She's amazing.
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 18. Do you drink sodea more often than milk?
My initial response was a resounding 'yes' because I don't drink milk on it's own. However, I make myself iced coffees at home a lot and that's mostly milk so... I don't drink soft drink as much as I used to nowadays. When I'm at home I'm more likely to drink juice.

19. The initials of your crush(es).
Heh. No prizes for guess who that is.

20. Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for?
I used to, just for reading. I ignored them though, and now I don't wear any at all. I probably should get my eyes checked at some point in the near future though, just in case I just don't know I need them.

21. Your favourite subject to study.
Music and Indonesian. Pretty basic, really. It's what I'm studying and there's a good reason I study them - I love them!
I like them in different ways though.
With music, I mean violin. Even then, like everyone, practice drives me mental sometimes. I'm not the most disciplined of students out there.
Indonesian is another fascination of mine, and our class at uni is so much fun it's ridiculous. =D


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