Feb. 22nd, 2011

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 I'm off to Adelaide tonight! So excited! I also just realised it's my first time ever being on a plane on my own. XD

Yesterday was so much fun, I went to see the O-Show (orientation week show) by the student theatre company at uni, which was hilarious. Particularly because I went with Ame and pebblegosling. Pebblegosling and I then wandered around, I tried to sort out a locker except the person I needed to speak to was away and the fill-in couldn't do it. I swear I'll be so annoyed if I don't get one... lugging my violin around to lectures and tutes is NOT FUN. In another, happier, note, it feels like forever since I'd hung out and just chatted with pebblegosling. damn girl I'm going to miss you this year
This. This is because I can, and we listened to it an insane number of times in the car yesterday.

pebblegosling... Don't deny it. You love me. ;)

Apart from the whole stalker-singing thing, Blaine, you have pretty damn good taste in guys. *drools*

After that it was off to work, and I had a couple of kids cancel so I had time to practice. I'm actually feeling okay about this ensemble audition, amazingly enough. I had one more new student, she's so enthusiastic it makes me happy - and makes finishing so late totally fine. Yay.

Of course, I meant to come home and go to bed fairly early. Next thing I know it's 3am and I've spent 4 hours chatting to sine_animo on fb. We're awesome.

Now for two rather random things. I saw this on [livejournal.com profile] tamakito 's tumblr and now really want to know if I can download it somewhere. It's the music used in the background in a couple of scenes in Glee (notably when Kurt comes out to his dad)

And this, well, this made me laugh like a crazy person. Perfect.

On that note, I bid thee farewell for a few days.


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