Mar. 15th, 2011

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 Today was pretty all over the place, really. I spent this morning planning on finally doing some decent practice, and it never happened. Rushed off to string workshop and managed not to play (thank goodness). I love how easily I'm getting along with the new music students, and with the ones that I knew already as well. Performance practice class was actually really good - the ensembles were great. Particularly a saxophone quartet, and the trio with harp/flute/viola. Awesome.

I then had an hour's break, in which I finally got to hang out with M, the harpist, who it feels like I haven't seen in forever. Our timetables barely line up. She was incredibly light-hearted and bubbly it took me by surprise. Fun!
Then got to see snuggle_monster for a teeny tiny amount of time. THEN it was on to orchestra. Good. Freaking. God. Firebird is so difficult. Geez. I am so glad I'm not in first year trying to play that piece, I think they were all panicking a little. I don't blame them - if that was my intro to orchestra?! I would have lost the plot.

Normally, that would have been a pretty good day. Except, for some reason in orchestra today I was completely spaced out and feeling quite ill. I think it has something to do with cramps, and that leading to me not eating very well, but it was so weird. I also think I might have some sort of ear infection or the like, because one of the glands in front of my left ear has swollen up and is pretty painful. 

On the plus side, I am in the midst of hatching a crazy plan to watch Glee tomorrow with sine_animo - in a break of hers from uni classes. We're epically awesome. (I'M SO EXCITED GUYS)
And, as an added bonus, I made a deal with myself I could only do that if I did some proper practice. Guess who can now play her study at a reasonable level, after half an hour? That's right. First lot of actual productive practice for the week.

I need to bribe myself more often.
And now, off to bed. Soon.

Edit: Forgot one thing. I saw D today, and was hit with a complete rush of 'omg how was I ever attracted to you?!' followed by my brain going 'yesssss' XD
Today was bizarre.


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