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Oh man, I'd forgotten how much I love his music videos...
He imitates Justin Bieber, excuse my while I go double up with laughter.

So, hey, guys. I am alive, and I am (tentatively) back to livejournal. I'm still not sure how often I will actually post, but this is me promising to try. I've missed you all.

I don't even know how to start telling you about the past couple of months.
Leaving this on public, so no detail, but I haven't been myself lately. Basically, my brain and my emotions have been fucking with me so badly that I'm actually seeing a counselor, who has been so helpful and really seems to 'get' me and the way I think so that is good.
I'm by no means 'all better' but I am coping better with everything. I still have my moments of inexplicable sadness, and now that I'm back you might see posts from me in those moods.
Enough of that. If you want to know more, message me. I have no problems with telling any of my lovely flist, I'm just in a rare happy mood and would rather not go into it all right now.

So, here's the short version of my life for the past few months.

I ended up dropping half of my subjects and it was probably the best decision I made for me this year. I still struggled with workload, but all of my assignments are pretty much finished now - so it's just exam revision and practice practice practice left. I am not looking forward to the task of reshuffling all of my subjects for next year though. *ignores for the time being*

I've been pretty busy playing violin for the student theatre company at uni's production of Spring Awakening. After many dramas, tantrums (on my part) and stress, it came off pretty damn well (complete with highly entertaining afterparty that included some very very attractive boys - well, one in particular). I am still astounded at the talent of a few of the actors in particular. The guy who played Moritz is simply phenomenal.
Not to mention I made an awesome new friend, a fellow ENFJ (RARE BREED WHEEE) and person who shares basically all my fandoms. Our first defining moment as friends? First time I met her, she pulled me up to dance ridiculously to Totally Fucked. Oh yeah.

So I quit my pharmacy job. Good decision. Can you see I did a clean-out of my life, so to speak? Yeah. I don't miss it. At all.
Teaching job is still going strong, I love it a lot.
I also took another musical gig that is starting this week, which is paid, so I guess that can go here! It's so much fun, I definitely want to pursue this seriously. Pay isn't the best but anything is better than nothing.

Well, what there is of it. Mostly consists of tumblr, hanging out with friends at uni, being painfully honest with people and being better for it.
I've read a lot of fic, and I've actually started writing it properly. The last couple of posts on here have just been Glee fic. I was so proud of myself. I have about 6 stories started, and I actually can't wait for holidays just so I have time to sit and write. I also have an original in the planning stages. This much inspiration almost never happens to me.
I've also made a few new, amazing, friends on tumblr. A shout-out to Adi and Lyssa, because I'm not sure they realise just how much they've helped me recently. I owe them a lot. It got to a point where for academic and time-management purposes I should have deleted tumblr, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it because it was one of the only things that could cheer me up when I was home on my own. That plus skyping those two.

I got really sick about a week before Spring Awakening. I don't get that sick, ever. I actually lost my voice for 4 days. Unheard of for me XD

I have absolutely fallen in love with Charlene Kaye's music. I mean, I already kind of had - but I finally bought her album 'Things I Will Need In The Past' and it is gorgeous.

Glee is back, and so my love-hate relationship with it does too. You'll all be glad that most of that flail goes on tumblr now, and so you'll be spared it :P

I think that's all I have to say at the moment, no doubt I'll remember a bunch of things I wanted to talk about as soon as I post this.
It might be bedtime now, though.
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