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So I've had the worst couple of days in a while, I guess I reached breaking point.
Little things have made me smile, namely some wonderful people who just manage to snap me out of my own head for moments.

The thing that really helped me this afternoon though? These two videos. The first, is another hilarious and sweet interview from Chris Colfer. The second is Darren Criss singing a bastardised medley of Alan Menken songs for Alan Menken, and then singing 'A Whole New World' with Lea Salonga. Magic. Pure magic.
This is why I love them so much, the fact that things like this make me feel so much better tells you a lot about my obsession I think :P

I had a lesson today, and I do feel better now - my mini violin crisis is kind of averted. I do need to practice tonight, and a LOT tomorrow and Thursday before my next lesson on Friday.
I also really really need to start proper study for my Indo exams, I'm just not entirely sure where to begin... :/

Quick, almost pointless post, and now I'm off.
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 Oh my goodness, what I thought might be a boring night having to make small talk with old family friends turned into something MUCH more awesome.

So this family went to my church ages ago, right, and I probably haven't seen them in 4 years. They were all pretty quiet, and shy, except for J who spoke for all of them, really. Well tonight they were nothing but. E and I discovered that we suddenly have a heap of mutual interests, mainly in the form of Glee/Starkid/Harry Potter and so tonight turned into a flail session, watching youtube videos and laughing our heads of - as well as raving/ranting about the HP movie. I am grinning like a fool right now.

Oh and mum made this amazing cheesecake, and I had Haigh's chocolate peppermint frogs, and now I have tea and am so content.

I finally got around to reorganising my wardrobe last night, then couldn't sleep, and so I am running on about 3 hours right now. Not entirely sure how I survived work XD
I also started doing some practice finally, have to work hard this week. No more going out - just sleep, reorganising, and practice. Where have the holidays gone??

That's all for now, just wanted to share.
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 Thanks to a conversation on fb with thalia03, I now can't stop the image of this

accompanying the line in my title from this

Short, silly post because I am trying NOT to think about how I'm going to pay my parents back the $3000 I'm going to owe them for my car. Just, ugh. I feel sooo guilty.

Also, 6 hours of orchestra has killed my brain. And my index finger (my callous came off OWWW). I have to study tonight... this is not going to end well.

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For the first time ever, I have a clear ambition for my music career.
It's exhilarating. But honestly? It also scares the absolute crap out of me.

It's not a new career idea, really, it's one I've had for a while. It's just always been in a half-hearted 'oh I could do that as well' kind of way. I want to pursue musical theatre pit orchestras. Not just amateur theatre, but professional orchestras.
The light-bulb moment I had in my car this morning (it literally hit me at once, I was stunned actually) was while listening to the Original London Cast recording of The Lion King. I realised that I would be prepared to move indefinitely to London to pursue West End, or to New York for Broadway. For anyone who's heard me talk about living overseas, this is a big deal. A really big deal. I've never actively been able to picture myself moving anywhere indefinitely, and I do think that Melbourne will always be home, but I can see myself doing it. And that's scary.
I have a defined goal. This is kind of a foreign concept to me.

Indo was fine, I got my draft of my assignment back and it was fine! I just have to add a different section, but my language was good, and the topic was sound and so I am so happy. I have all of tomorrow to finish it, and I have most of an English draft now so I am not stressed about it at all.

Then it was home, where sine_animo came over to watch Glee. What can I say? The episode was amazing. Amazing. I want to rewatch it so much right now, but I'm not letting myself. I might do a massive picspam post tomorrow night - but for now suffice to say my afternoon was filled with squeeing and other such incoherent noises. Also, Friday could have been a disaster - I was in utter hysterics. It was probably the funniest number on the show to date. Glee, when you get it right you get it so. damn. right.

Today was the best day I've had in a good while.
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I found this for someone else again last night, and ended up getting the giggles again. I swear I've had this, or a rather similar conversation before.

Just a quick post to say that the past couple of days have been much better for me - I finally got a decent chunk of that Indo assignment done, after spending the weekend trying to work on it/procrastinating. I'm now just waiting for my teacher to respond to the email.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and so my brother and I were up early, making breakfast - and then we decided to surprise Mum by cleaning while she and Dad were at church. Mostly his idea, and he did most of the work tbh. Mum was impressed =P

Today, I slept in because my 9am class was cancelled, and screw going into uni for an 8am class and then having a 5-hour break. I'll just listen to it tomorrow.
So I had 1 hour of Indo class, then 2 hours of work, then back to uni for 3 hours of orchestra. Phew. I didn't get home until 11pm. Insanity.

One anecdote I just have to share, it's too awesome not too.
It was my friend J's bday today, and at the start of orchestra when we tuned, the concertmaster starts playing other notes, not just A. Soon everyone catches on and the entire orchestra is playing 'Happy Birthday' - complete with harmonies and everything. Made my night. 
I fricking love musos.

That's all. I need to go write a to-do list, can't put it off any longer.

PS. Darren Criss used the word 'bitchin' in a tweet today. [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling  and [livejournal.com profile] snuggle_monster , your arguments are invalid.
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I seem to have been doing this a lot lately, starting a post with a video of this artist. It's because she is amazing, and this song has cheered me up this morning.

It's so bouncy, I love it! (LOL at Darren's dancing too)
I really want to buy her cds, as well as the Starship cast recording. I don't really want to spend any more money until I've sorted out this car insurance crap (the guy hasn't called me back, odd) although I can probably spare it. I also want to buy an actual copy of Darren Criss' EP. Oh and Adele's album. Um. As you can probably guess, most of my money goes on music.

[livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling  just sent me this link, and I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear someone talk about music like that. I mean, no genre bias, just talking about the music for what it is. One of the many reasons I love this man.

In other news, I am still firmly in denial about how much work I have to do. Like, I know how much there is, I even have a list and it's scarily long, but I can't seem to get myself to start. 
My brain is elsewhere at the moment, and actually, I need distractions more than anything. Perhaps I should go get a massage or something, try to relax. I'll stop this right here before I go around in circles.
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 I've been a bit slack with proper posting here lately, I apologise. I've gone a little tumblr-crazy, as well as actually having some form of social life. Insane right?

Update! )
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I had my Indo speech this morning, and Bu Y seemed pretty impressed so I'm really happy. Best part though, is that it's done. My lesson was decent, I have my new car, and I started my break by watching Glee with my brain-twin. 

All in all, happy Lauren is happy.

Since then I've been on tumblr, and have found much Glee goodness, but I honestly can't be bothered embedding it all here right now. I am going to spend my evening reading, and continuing to watch adorable Darren Criss interviews. In which he alternately reminds me of Finding Nemo 'unfathomonomable', using words like 'ancillary' and then 'awesomeness' in the same sentence, and reminding me of my friends. Not even pebblegosling this time, amazingly.
I liked this episode a fair bit, I mean MERCEDES GOT A STORYLINE. That wasn't about food. Her friendship with Rachel makes me happy. Not much Klaine, but what there was was absolutely adorable and sweet. 

A video for you, just because.


They're all so adorable. I feel like someone needs to tell Darren to take a break though, his voice is pretty scratchy :\
That's my goodnight.
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I love that song so much. 

This week has been decidedly weird. There's all the drama with my car, assignments and everything - so naturally I ended up a bit stressed and strung out. A meltdown of sorts was inevitable... but I nearly made it to mid-semester break.
Yesterday I just lost it, because Ame and I had worked hard on our speech for Indo on Sunday, and thought we were good to go. Then, we read the unit guide and got really confused - so, we went and saw our teacher. Who confused us more, and I was so pissed and confused and stressed that we hadn't done it right and just ugh. I panicked, and got really upset - I hadn't done any practice then either, so I was worried about my lesson, and the fact that I had to go to work. We ended up skipping my second Indo class and I went and used the music room near her flat (she lives on campus) to play and make myself feel better. She also gives the most amazing massages, seriously I felt like I could move my shoulders properly for the first time in a long while. <3 Thank you.

Then, I get home last night and was told that one of my great-uncles has passed away. I'm sad, but more because I'm struggling to remember him. It's strange to think that had it been the same relation on my mum's side, I'd be devastated but because it's on Dad's and we really don't see them much I'm not. Sending my love out to the family though.

And that brings me to now. Still procrastinating fixing this speech and doing the powerpoint (even though it's tomorrow eek) and wondering just where time goes on Tuesday mornings. I'll work it out, but for now I'll leave this here.

PS. It sounds strange because I do see them a bit, but I miss my friends. As in, I miss spending decent amounts of time just hanging out. 
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These past few days have been ridiculously up and down mood-wise for me. Not sure what brought this on, to be honest, but I only have energy for a tiny recap here.

On Thursday I went into uni to study - I met up with Ame first, which was fine, except she was helping someone else with some homework and so it still feels like we haven't actually hung out. This makes me a little sad, why is uni so insane this semester?!
I then met up with snuggle_monster and thalia03, the latter of which I ended up talking more to as snuggle_monster had to clean (not entirely sure why, but something to do with student theatre). I am so happy that we get along like that, by the way. So happy. <3
OH!! I found out then that there is a big possibility that the musical Spring Awakening will be staged September-ish this year, not just the play version as we had previously thought. I WANT IN SO BADLY!!! Which is a distinct possibility, considering I know people in student theatre already. That news pretty much made my day. I got so much done then, and over the past few days, I am so proud of myself. I literally have my Indo reading and translation to do tonight, as well as practice, and I don't have ANY other work to get done this week. Except read Jane Eyre, but that IS rereading so it's not urgent. WHEEEEEE

Friday was a weird morning for me, I basically got hit with a huge wave of loneliness and I have no idea why. Thank god for amazing friends who know just what to say to help. The day improved from there, I was still very productive so all is good.

Work yesterday was fine, except for one kid's violin being a freaking pain and the bridge refusing to stay upright when I changed strings. Gah. I felt so bad, most of his lesson was me trying to fix the damn thing. It flew by though, and I think I may have poached a student from another teacher. I feel bad, but that makes me happy - it gives me confidence that I'm actually doing this well.

THEN it was onto my amazing weekend. (yep. I don't count my weekend as starting until 3pm on Saturdays =P) Because I've been so on top of everything this past week, I had said to myself that this was a weekend off. 
I got home, read a fair bit of fanfic to chill out, then found out we were going to have Thai takeaway for dinner. Omnomnom. I then headed out to the MSO's performance of Mahler's 7th Symphony - amazing. Not bad for a free ticket I scored through uni. Oh, and the conductor's surname was Wigglesworth. Not even kidding. I lol'd at that. Probably too much.

After that, it was on to snuggle_monster's place, where she and thalia03 and I were having a Glee marathon. Purportedly to catch thalia03 up to Glee, but I think we all just enjoyed laughing at each other's reactions to people - and joking about things I'd never have expected.
True to our style, our silliness was often interrupted by serious, full-on moments. It's part of our charm. An amazing night all round, I say.

This morning (well, okay, afternoon) we watched another ep of Glee (Original Song, I couldn't resist) and then went on a huge nostalgia trip of our favourite kids shows. Including the likes of:
-Johnson and Friends
-Ahh Real Monsters
-The Trap Door
-Mr Bean
-Okie Doke

I also now really want to rewatch Chicken Run.

For you, snuggle_monster

Love you pebblegosling!

That's all for me, off to do translation, then practice, and then chill.

PS. Have two random things that have amused me recently.

Ryan Murphy about comments asking why he focuses on gay storylines:
"we have thus far in the glee club two gay characters, and people are like whats with the gays, and i'm like you are aware it's a show about show choir?"

"If you need an extension, or wish to submit in an unusual manner, such as by carrier pigeon, please ask your tutor."This is why I love my English subject. The lecturers are full of win.
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 I've been resisting posting all day, so I can actually get some work done, but I've had a really productive day and this is now my break.

This Klaine video is so beautiful. I love it.
It won't let me embed it, but watch it here.

The past few days have been pretty crazy, really. What with study, work, practice, and then heading to sine_animo's place for a sleepover last night I've been so busy. Great though.

A few points, to make this quick:
1. Planning out my practice helps. A lot. I've gotten a lot done in a short amount of practice time! Efficiency win =D
2. This muscle relaxation thing is AMAZING. I can never get my brain to switch off, normally, and when I do these exercises I drift off to sleep about 5 minutes after finishing. I haven't felt so well-rested in a long time.
3. Hanging out with sine_animo is epic. 

On that last point, here is a sample of what we did.

We squeed and fangirled like crazy over Glee. Again.

We watched Hercules. Some of the lines in that movie are SO amusing, and would have flown straight over my head when I was younger. Like this:

Epic win call of the night though, goes to sine_animo for 'cockblocking cloud'. At the end, when Hercules and Meg are kissing a random cloud comes and takes them away.
(it also wins the award for most real-looking Disney kiss ever. just saying)
A lot of Hades' lines are briliantly sarcastic and amusing too.
Then, we headed out to her spa and had a playlist of Darren Criss, Glee, and random other loves of ours. So good. Apart from entertaining her god-sister for a while (she's 8 and needs attention like she needs air), we had the chance just to talk. About anything and everything.

Then it was rewatching the 'Sexy' episode of Glee, and then I had my mind totally blown.
When I was a little kid, the only places I would watch movies were at my two sets of grandparents' houses. At my mum's parents house, I would watch all manner of Disney movies. At my dad's parents' house, I would watch 'The Swan Princess'. Over and over and over. I loved that movie to pieces.
I was informed last night that Jean-Bob, ie the epically funny frog, was VOICED BY JOHN CLEESE. WHAT IS THAT?!
So naturally, after that revelation we HAD to watch some of it. I want to rewatch that movie so freaking much now. As a parting gift, here is a song from it that I just found, it was always one of my favourites. I still haven't found the turtle's amazing 'friends call me speed' line. DO WANT.


PS. This made me laugh hysterically when I got home.
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 These past two days have been pretty damn awesome, if I may say so.
right now I'm ignoring the not-so-awesome bits

I started the day by oversleeping and having to rush to class - which turned out to be a fairly pointless, if vaguely amusing Indo class. Then, it was off to my lesson, and it wasn't terrible. Which is amazing considering I hadn't done enough practice by any stretch of the imagination. I'm so glad my teacher is really understanding, and she suggested writing out detailed 'practice plans' for myself, in half an hour blocks, and try to stick to them. I've written a few up as of half an hour ago and so hopefully it'll help me stay on track. I think it should work, because my problem tends to be that once I miss a couple of days I get really overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

Glee + brain-twins = epic flail )

After she went home, I headed out for a farewell dinner for [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling  at Taco Bill. We had a great time, what with yummy food, awesome company, general silliness and fishbowl margaritas (which have 11 shots of tequila in them). The way the alcohol affected different people provided me with endless amusement.
You have pebblegosling - who needs 12 shots to get tipsy. She was pretty much sober.
You have wolfielove - who drank half of her fishbowl and was very silly and happy and bubbly.
You have snuggle_monster - who gets completely drunk from 5-6 drinks, and drank about a quarter of hers.
And then there's me. I drank my own small margarita, and then ended up finishing off the remaining 3 quarters of snuggle_monster's. I was feeling a bit woozy when I first tried to stand up, but felt pretty much sober by the time we got home (before we headed out to the park so as not to wake my brother - we were under threat of death if we did, he had an assessment this morning). I only worked out this morning that I drank something ridiculous like 8-9 shots and it barely affected me. WHAT IS THIS?! Insanity. That's what.
It was also very very funny watching snuggle_monster and wolfielove bounce off each other.
We then rewatched Glee, because we could.

The other funny moment happened this morning. We were all sleeping in my living room, wolfielove on one couch, me on the floor and snuggle_monster and pebblegosling spooning on the other couch. Nothing odd for those two, they're both cuddlebugs. By the time it was morning, pebblegosling was still in the 'big spoon' but snuggle_monster was lying on her stomach with her head turned towards her. Dad came out, took one look at them and said 'girls, you may not want to sleep like that if you don't want any rumours to start'. I just thought that was hysterical. NOTHING SUSS.

Today, after they all went home, I headed into the city to meet up with harpisan for a study date. I actually got a fair bit done - which means that if I do my practice properly tonight and then fix up a few little odds and ends of tasks then I'm totally on top of my work! Pretty proud of myself right now.

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 Man, Darren Criss singing Baby One More Time is just as epic as I thought it would be. I'm grinning like an idiot here... NOSTALGIAAAAA
that album may or may not have been the first cd I ever bought

*goes back to writing notes*

Warning: This post is full of flail. Really random flail. )

Anyway, I've recovered from the panic of my last post. I ended up skipping the Indo class on Friday morning, just because I couldn't face speaking in front of people. I was so tired, so run down, I hadn't done the preparation. You know it's bad when skipping a class makes me feel better.
I've now done most of the things on that list, and made a conscious decision not to do others.
Let me see, what else has been going on...

My shift at work on Friday was the first one with my new boss. It was ... interesting. I'll go with interesting. It wasn't great, but I'm hoping we'll all settle in soon. Fingers crossed some of the more pointless procedures get dumped quickly.

Saturday I taught during the day, as always, and it was the first shift I've been properly awake for in a little while. Which makes it so much more fun. It took me an hour and a half to finally get home, running errands that I was meant to get done on Thursday but the universe wasn't having any of that. 
I then proceeded to stay home, pretty tired, and study/stalk people's tumblrs and then eventually chat to sine_animo.
My brother had a fair few of his friends around for a barbeque for his 18th birthday, and at one point I paused my music and just started laughing to myself. He got some really good new speakers as a present from someone, and so the music was blasting. Normal 18th, right? Wrong. The music blasting was Glee. SO MUCH APPROVAL. I have a feeling it was his gf who hijacked the music, BUT it was from his ipod. So. *laughs*

Today, I woke up at 9am, felt pretty awake and was actually going to get up (insane considering I was up until 2am last night) but then managed to fall asleep until 11am, got woken by a phone call from work and so forcing myself to wake up that fast made me feel so disoriented. Then ended up having a headache and actually feeling really shaky and just plain ill. Thankfully that didn't last too long.

This afternoon has been pretty productive, apart from practice being an utter fail. This week's been pretty bad - hoping to get some good practice done tomorrow and Tuesday before my lesson on Wednesday.

That's right, there's more. )

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*melts into a puddle*

Less flail, more real life )
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   I've tried to post a few times over the last couple of days, but they didn't seem to flow very well so I kept giving up. I hope this one is better!

Uni life is amazing sometimes )


I have two more videos for you now. I am utterly addicted to this song. Their voices blend so well together, and I'm really starting to get into Charlene Kaye's music. To give you an idea, I had this song on repeat basically all of yesterday. Which is kind of huge for me...

Lastly, this is a song I adore by Sara Bareilles. She's just released this video for it, and it's so cute. I love that it's so many random people, and that Josh Groban and Ben Folds are in it. WIN WIN WIN!

On that note, I am going to collapse into bed. I made this post twice, because lj is full of fail sometimes.
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In other words, THE REST )
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 I'm off to Adelaide tonight! So excited! I also just realised it's my first time ever being on a plane on my own. XD

Yesterday was so much fun, I went to see the O-Show (orientation week show) by the student theatre company at uni, which was hilarious. Particularly because I went with Ame and pebblegosling. Pebblegosling and I then wandered around, I tried to sort out a locker except the person I needed to speak to was away and the fill-in couldn't do it. I swear I'll be so annoyed if I don't get one... lugging my violin around to lectures and tutes is NOT FUN. In another, happier, note, it feels like forever since I'd hung out and just chatted with pebblegosling. damn girl I'm going to miss you this year
This. This is because I can, and we listened to it an insane number of times in the car yesterday.

pebblegosling... Don't deny it. You love me. ;)

Apart from the whole stalker-singing thing, Blaine, you have pretty damn good taste in guys. *drools*

After that it was off to work, and I had a couple of kids cancel so I had time to practice. I'm actually feeling okay about this ensemble audition, amazingly enough. I had one more new student, she's so enthusiastic it makes me happy - and makes finishing so late totally fine. Yay.

Of course, I meant to come home and go to bed fairly early. Next thing I know it's 3am and I've spent 4 hours chatting to sine_animo on fb. We're awesome.

Now for two rather random things. I saw this on [livejournal.com profile] tamakito 's tumblr and now really want to know if I can download it somewhere. It's the music used in the background in a couple of scenes in Glee (notably when Kurt comes out to his dad)

And this, well, this made me laugh like a crazy person. Perfect.

On that note, I bid thee farewell for a few days.
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 Darren Criss, never stop being so fucking awesome. Seriously. Don't.
I just watched an interview (this one, it's long but damn he's awesome) from just before he landed Glee, or more likely, had already landed Glee but kept quiet about it. I found out on detail that makes me biased but I don't even care. Violin was his first instrument. He learnt since he as 5 years old. FOR FIFTEEN YEARS.
Excuse me while I go flip out. *fans self*
I have an unashamed bias for my instrument - so sue me. I found a clip of him playing, just randomly at one of his gigs, and damn his technique is pretty good too. Just needed to get that out there, along with these:

Apparently when he was younger he was obsessed with 'Star Wars, The Beatles and Disney movies'. Bahaha.

He was talking about being in New York, and he said something along the lines of 'oh I have family here, I have a lot of roots here...'
OH GOD I ALWAYS FORGET THAT ONLY AUSSIES SEE THE INNUENDO IN THAT. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laughed for like 5 minutes straight. I mean, none of them even batted an eyelid at the phrase...

I love that he doesn't think people who try to contact him are creepy or stalkers or weird.
'we have a musical called 'Me and my Dick'. That's weird. You messaging me is not weird.'

I also love that he's still a fanboy at heart.

Be warned. This is going to be long.

I don't even know what this is... )

Just to finish off, here is a nostalgia trip that I am looking forward to.

New Winnie the Pooh movie! And it sounds and looks like the originals. Goodness I love Eeyore! <3
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So I've been away at the beach for the past 5 days with [livejournal.com profile] snuggle_monster , not that we swam at all - seriously Melbourne, where is Summer?!
A break, Glee, and awesome people )
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 I love getting my hair cut/done. I especially love that the place I go gives you good coffee (and tiny teddy biscuits yum), are so friendly and wash your hair while sitting in these massaging chair things. Luxury. XD
For once, I am actually going out tonight with my hair done nicely! Usually I just go home, and no one sees it, and it makes me vaguely sad.
I hadn't actually realised how long my hair was getting, until I straightened it the other day just for something to do. I looked at it and just went 'whoa' I don't know that my hair has been that long for a few years, or even ever. But it was getting pretty dead and ugh at the ends - hence the haircut. AND I LIKE MY FRINGE RIGHT AWAY! Amazing. That almost never happens =P

This'll probably be the last real-life post for a while, I'll still do the meme ones for a couple of days, but I am heading off to the beach (yep again!) with snuggle_monster. We are going to go on a massive nostalgia trip, if the movies I picked out to rent today are an indication. It's going to be so much fun. A much needed break for the both of us, actually.

Tonight I am going to see Spring Awakening, which is awesome, and then heading into the city to meet up/grab a few drinks with pebblegosling and snuggle_monster. It's looking to be a fun, if tiring night. Tomorrow I am meeting harpisan for breakfast near her place and then have work later on. Then it's work on bright and early on Saturday before driving down to the beach house. Yep. Busy busy busy until I get there.

One more thing: I watched Darren Criss' interview on Ellen this morning, and I honestly have not laughed that hard in a while. He skipped on stage, actually skipped, proceeded to be his normal adorable self - AND THEN SANG A FREAKING SONG ABOUT DOING 'FINDING NEMO 2'. For those of you that may not have picked up on this fact, Finding Nemo is my absolute favourite movie ever. He was singing. To Ellen. About making it about Dory. Seriously. Every time I think he couldn't possibly get more awesome, he proves me wrong. Every single time.
Okay end flail.

Now I need to go pack for the aforementioned trip, and decide what to wear. Farewell!


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