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I've actually had a good day today - which is amazing, being a Wednesday and all.
Essay is officially submitted - YAY. So relieved about that. I'm also relieved after my lesson, as I do know most of it now, so I just have to relax and 'have fun with it' according to my teacher. Don't know how well that works with scales, but I'll try.

I never thought I'd say it, but I actually enjoyed my Asian Studies tute today. Mainly because, well, our tutor is hilarious when he hasn't had much sleep. He is very easily distractible, which lead to some very funny tangents today. Usually, he'd steer us back on the right track, but today it was pretty much a lost cause.

This was the best call of the day: (Al is my tutor, the others are students)
Al: So where did women fit in the social hierarchy of Japan?
An: *searches document* Apparently, they didn't exist.
Al: Yes, the Japanese reproduced asexually for thousands of years.
An: ... That came out wrong.
D: Maybe they were under the butchers?
Al: That could have come out better too. *smirks*
It's times like this that we remember that he is still a student... obviously with just as dirty a mind as the rest of us XD

As an example of the many many random things we discussed, Al also told us that there used to be a place in our city that you could go to bet on Sumo wrestling ... and about people stealing sandals. Because, high-ranked Samurai classmen were entitled to a 'sandal minder'.

In other news, I rewarded myself for finishing that essay by watching the 'Bad Reputation' Glee episode, and have 3 taken 3 points from it.
1. Sue is too awesome. Those videos were EPIC.
2. Rachel is a bitch.
3. Sue and her sister are so cute

I'm going to take a bit of a break from study tonight, but don't know what to do! Suggestions?
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So, I was going to post yesterday once I'd finished my essay, because I figured that 400 words should only take me a couple of hours. I was wrong. I was up until 1am, and I still have to shave off a few words and fix up the referencing. It's been a fairly stressful couple of days, but with some great and amusing moments in between. Most of the stress related to 2 of my assessments including that essay, and my orchestra prac thingy. Anyway, I'm feeling much better about all of that now, so I shall recount the better parts of the last few days.

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I haven't posted for a while again, even though there has been plenty that I would have liked to blog about. My Asian Studies essay has been swallowing most of my time lately, as well as screwing with my sleeping patterns. Thankfully, I now have 1400 words and all of this afternoon to (hopefuly) write the rest, and then add in/edit/polish tomorrow and Tuesday night.

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