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 You sick of me yet? Meme catch-up post coming right up, so I hope not.

7. How you came across tumblr livejournal.
Well, it's all thanks to this person called [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling . She got one, pestered me to check her entries, and then made me make an account. So I have her to thank for finding you lovely people on my f-list, and for giving me an outlet to vent/write/rant/flail.

8. Are you a fitness guru or couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits.
Habits? What habits?
The mere thought of me as a fitness guru is laughable. Laughable.
Yeah, exercise, what is that?

9. Favourite meme at the moment.
Not sure I have one, actually. XD

10. Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have.
I have two dogs, called Coby and Anchor. They're crosses between Cocker Spaniels and Beagles and they are pretty cute. Even if 'they don't move' according to snuggle_monster. They are getting a bit old now. Let me see if I can find a picture.

The top photo is Coby, who is 'mine' and the bottom one is Anchor. So named for the patch of fur on his back that resembled one when he was a puppy. Now it looks more like a star. They are brothers from the same litter, and suffer from intense separation anxiety when one of them has to leave for whatever reason. Not for us, mind you, they're perfectly happy to be left alone - just god forbid one of them needs to go to the vet...

11. Your top 3 favourite bands/artists.
Newton Faulkner.
The Jezabels.

The first two without question. The last, well, I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a band so fast. And that INCLUDES Washington. It took me about a line of the first song and that was it. I was totally speechless.
Before anyone says it, yes, Darren Criss would be up there but he's not at the top. =P

12. Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter.
Harry Potter. The first fantasy series I ever got into, properly. I grew up with the books, and the movies, and okay I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE LAST MOVIE!
My favourite book is the 3rd, followed by the 6th and my least favourite is probably the 5th.
The best movie by far was the one that was just released. Intense. But still with it's amusing moments, of course.
I'll stop my disjointed rambling now. Have a video that pebblegosling posted a little while ago, it sums up the series perfectly in my eyes <3

13. Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls.
A good chick flick, the last movie starring Lindsay Lohan that I enjoyed, but I've only seen it once and that was enough for me. Unlike the obsession so many people seem to have with it (particularly at my school).

14. Do you have siblings? Talk about them, or talk about what it's like to be an only child.
I have one younger brother who will always be my 'little brother'. It vaguely freaks me out that he's turning 18 this year. I need to think of a present, actually. We actually get along now that we're both a bit older - which is great. 3 years is a gap that's just big enough to mean we fought ALL the time over stupid stuff, but small enough that now it works. He has a really sweet girlfriend who I get along with well enough, and they're pretty adorable.
Now I'm up to date, and I'll stop posting today. Promise.
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Every time I hear 'I've grown accustomed to her face' on my ipod, I immediately think of Sheldon/Penny - because of the fan video I found (and posted) a few weeks ago. So incredibly awesome, and just a tiny bit sad.
Also, BBT BANDFIC IS LOVE *flails*
Thankyou pebblegosling....

Alright, enough fangirling for me.

It's amazing how much a single night of productivity can change my mood for the better. Earlier this week I was panicky, and crying over nothing, and getting myself utterly stressed out over uni work - but now I'm all good. Last night helped, 17 out of 24 items on my to-do list DONE. Then this morning I went Easter chocolate shopping with harpisan and, well, we're just too cool for words. Tehehe. Lots of fun. Then it was back to uni for one class, gym, and physio. Now, HOLIDAYS. Which in my world, means study and work and church and sleep. Oh, and new laptop!! Soon. Hence the extra work. Sounds pretty damn good to me.


PS I'm including this, just because I was reminded of how much I love it this morning.

I wish I could have found the full 'musical' though ...
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Today has been completely and utterly random. Random with a capital R.

Firstly, I managed to do some practice while bumming around this morning - among goodness knows what else I did to waste 4 hours before uni ...
Then, I get to uni and end up chatting to one girl, A, for half an hour while waiting for our class (everyone is so friendly! I love it) Of course, I asked her what I had missed from the last lesson, expecting it to be boring, yada yada yada. And in essence, it was - affixes. Easy-peasy. Then she mentioned that they had gotten onto the topic of a phrase meaning 'to sleep with' (yes, in the slang sense) and one that meant 'man-whore' ... damn that would have been hilarious. I also find it amusing that there is a singular word for 'to shake your hips' and for 'to flap like bat's wings'. XD
After this it was off to the gym (2nd time this week, woot) and then the physio. My physio is a sadist. I swear. I just have to keep reminding myself it will make it better in the long run. This also meant my neck was too sore to practice tonight. Naturally, I actually felt like it.

So anyway, to the most random discovery of the day - a Tourism advertisement for Melbourne has just been released on Youtube and such, a cheesy musical one nontheless. Why is this relevant? Well, last July (apparently it was that long ago) it was filmed in locations including a certain laneway where harpisan and I always went for coffee. Somehow, they used a take when we were sitting outside the cafe. That's right - my 2 seconds of fame are here XD
Watch for the 22 second mark ;)

I've been randomly laughing at it all night. It's so cheesy, but it's so *me*.

In other news, I've gotten over my mini-panic attack about my 'Understanding Asia' unit that I had yesterday - but have decided to drop Indonesian studies as my minor. It's not worth the stress. On that note, I've worked solidly all night but it doesn't feel like I've made much of a dent in my list. It's a little disheartening, but what can you do.

So that's where I'm at.

PS Jimeoin next week with harpisan and S *grins*
PPS This again is random, but it's nice to have a 'best friend' again.
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I have well and truly caught the travel bug. There is this chamber music trip to Italy at the end of the year that I was kind of interested in going on until I went to the information session. Now I really really really want to go! Seriously, 3 weeks of ensemble rehearsals and masterclasses with experts from around Europe in a little town outside of Florence sounds damn good to me. And you know what the best bit is? Student overseas study loans (gets added to HECs, but I can deal with that later) and study grants (that don't have to be paid back) cover almost the entire cost of the trip. I'd just have to save up spending money. It actually could happen! So pumped =D

Other than that, my day was pretty standard, rushing from class to class, trying to work out exactly what I have to do for each of them etc etc etc. Oh, and discovering that my friend H loved Bran Nue Dae as much as I did. Singing at the top of our lungs to the soundtrack on the way home = WIN.

I'm also not in too much pain from the gym and physio yesterday... which is nothing short of a miracle. Honestly, I thought I wouldn't be able to move.

On another random note, I managed to get my homework list down from 20 items to 6 - but of course that was added to again today. So I'd better hop to it.
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(hint: sing the title in minor thirds...)

Ahh sometimes I wish I was 6 years old again. 'Why?' I hear you ask? Because, well, there was nothing to worry about except for falling off swings and the like, and then a fuss would only be made if parents were paying attention. Where friendships were simple, school was the most fun thing you could think of (well it was for me!), and you just took everything for granted. And, well, you could be really silly and no one looks at you funny. Or they do and you don't even notice. not that that bothers me particularly much anymore
Where was I going with that? I'm not entirely sure. But I did give in to my desire to go on the swings at the park this morning. Just because I could.

I am pretty impressed with myself over my commitment to this thing called exercise. So far... Even if it makes me walk like an old lady. I feel better today - only my ankles are hurting. I might try to run again tomorrow. (I know I know, it's an amusing image) Also, I managed to wake up before my alarm this morning. I thought this was impossible =P

Just thought I'd share those pointless, random thoughts. Now back to study.


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