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Feb. 1st, 2011 11:18 pm
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 3. Your favourite television program.

I really don't watch much TV any more, and the shows I watch I follow online.
Right at this moment, the only ones I follow are How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Glee. As you may have guessed, at the moment the one I obsess over is Glee. However, there is an entire question later on regarding Glee so I'll go on another rant then.

Instead, questions within a question woot!
Going to do this for each show.

How I Met Your Mother
Favourite character: Marshall. He's a giant teddy-bear.
Character I relate to: Ted mostly, except he's even sappier than I am... XD
Favourite pairing: Marshall/Lily is the canon no-brainer, they're adorable but I LOVE Robin/Barney so much.
Favourite season: 5th if I absolutely had to choose. I think.
Reason I love it: It's hilarious, but can be poignant - often at the same time. The friendship between the main characters always seems so real.
Problem with the show: sometimes I think it's so sex-focused that it is annoying, but then, I'm good at ignoring that because it is pretty funny.

The Big Bang Theory
Favourite character: Sheldon. I mean, seriously.
Character I relate to: Apparently I am like Leonard. XD
Favourite pairing: Heh. If Raj/Howard were actually canon I would die. Sheldon/Penny exchanges are amazing too.
Favourite season: 2nd, once it had a rhythm and before it started playing around with Penny/Leonard.
Reason I love it: It's damn funny. Sheldon has the best one-liners ever.
Problem with the show: good at developing drama, not so good at resolving anything... (start of season 3, anyone?)

Favourite character: Kurt.
Character I relate to: I think one of the reasons I love this show so much is that I can relate to different characters at different points in time. I can't narrow it down to one.
Favourite pairing: Kurt/Blaine.
Favourite season: Loving the second so far. Less 'Rachel Berry Show' and more 'Kurt Hummel Show'
Reason I love it: It can be funny, serious, moving, realistic or clichéd, and it's based around a music group. *grins*
Problem with the show: Inconsistency. And not giving enough solos to the people I want to hear =P
Enough rambling about TV now. Mhmm.
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This 'study break' started about 3 hours ago. It's like my brain got to a point where it just couldn't cope, and as such shut down. Pretty much the story of my last few weeks. Although now it's gotten to the point where I'm trying to learn 10 different discussion possibilities in 2 days for Indonesian, and 24 lectures worth of information for Asian Studies in 3 days. Plus practicing in between all of that. What the hell happened to little miss organised overachiever? ... I kinda miss her =P. Next semester, I am going to learn this as I go. And thank god I've dropped Asian Studies. One bundle of stress that I do NOT need.

In other news, my friends are awesome. I spent the day studying with pebblegosling because I needed to get out of the rut I was in, and I've found the best way for me to do that is to work with someone else. It did work to an extent. Also, this is a text conversation after she'd gone home. It made me laugh like the crazy person I am. The first message was saying that she'd made the train just in time.
Me: 2 in a row! Virtual high five ... nice. (I haven't been watching too much HIMYM, no)
Pebblegosling: Please. That was legen ... wait for it ...
Pebblegosling (2 minutes later): dary. Legendary!

We're brilliant.

In related news, I really need holidays to hurry up and get here. I'm so tired, better than a couple of weeks ago but still pretty dead, and my emotions are running totally wild. I mean, normally I'm pretty good when I'm with people but lately I've just been so out of it. Trying not to panic about these exams is hard. That's all I'll say about that for now, as I really should try to get back to it now.
Here's hoping tomorrow is productive.
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Today's been the first genuinely good day in a while...

First of all, I played taxi - I was a little annoyed at this but oh well. Then randomly decided I wanted maccas breaky, so I treated myself. And drank coffee without sugar (odd for me). Anyway, so I headed home and did some practice for my Aural exam, and then promptly fell back asleep. Go me... Thankfully, in my half asleep state I had remembered to put an alarm on my phone so I'd wake up again in time to leave for my exam.

As it turns out, there was no need to rush - they were running very behind. I finally went in at 2 and guess what? It was totally fine. I missed a couple by a semitone, and he gave me a b**** of an exercise to sing - and he said 'perfect' after it!! I also nailed the Lydian mode - which is awesome. I knew I was a little stressed about this, but I didn't realise just how much until it was over and I just felt so much better than I have for weeks. I think it was the same for others too, so much better.
(for you musos this is the exercise in scale degrees: 7 9 8 b7 8 b9 8 b7 6 8 5 - that's all we were given, as well as the 1st degree of the scale)

Then it was off home again, and I actually started on the mammoth pile of ironing that's been building up for months XD
And did a little bit of practice. OH! MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! I can play the bottom octave of the major scale in tenths. YAY. It still hurts like hell but at least I can do it.

It got to about 6 and I was wondering where my family was. Thanks guys, no one thought to tell me no one was going to be home until after 8pm. It was kind of freaky though, I was literally about to call Dad to ask where he was when the phone rang. Guess who? Dad, of course. Anyway, after dinner I had to go get my laptop from my friend's place, he'd fixed a virus for me! In a day. He's awesome. Although I always forget how much we talk when we meet up (it's not often, see) and I was home a good deal later than I meant to be. As such, I haven't actually done any study tonight. Story of my life the past few days - I managed to watch Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother in 2 days, and tonight I've been youtubing Florence and the Machine and wondering why I didn't listen to her music when everyone else told me too. So sad that I can't afford to go to the concert with N. Although I have noticed that she has an obsession with leotards with long sleeves. With legs like that I'd probably wear them all the time too...

I shall leave you with an epic quote from Lily of HIMYM, because it made me laugh so much.

They're referring to a faded pair of overalls that Marshall has found from when he was younger.
'If you had worn these things in college even I wouldn't have slept with you. And, if you recall, I was good to go....'

Oh, and this.



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