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Lj seems to be working again, well, at least I reached the 'post' page this time... I will definitely be copy-pasting into Word before I hit the button to actually post though.

For all my whining about not wanting to start uni again, I have had an absolutely amazing few days.

Uni uni uni )

EDIT: It's now Friday night, and I've been trying to post this since Wednesday. Fingers crossed this works...
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I had my Indo speech this morning, and Bu Y seemed pretty impressed so I'm really happy. Best part though, is that it's done. My lesson was decent, I have my new car, and I started my break by watching Glee with my brain-twin. 

All in all, happy Lauren is happy.

Since then I've been on tumblr, and have found much Glee goodness, but I honestly can't be bothered embedding it all here right now. I am going to spend my evening reading, and continuing to watch adorable Darren Criss interviews. In which he alternately reminds me of Finding Nemo 'unfathomonomable', using words like 'ancillary' and then 'awesomeness' in the same sentence, and reminding me of my friends. Not even pebblegosling this time, amazingly.
I liked this episode a fair bit, I mean MERCEDES GOT A STORYLINE. That wasn't about food. Her friendship with Rachel makes me happy. Not much Klaine, but what there was was absolutely adorable and sweet. 

A video for you, just because.


They're all so adorable. I feel like someone needs to tell Darren to take a break though, his voice is pretty scratchy :\
That's my goodnight.
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I love that song so much. 

This week has been decidedly weird. There's all the drama with my car, assignments and everything - so naturally I ended up a bit stressed and strung out. A meltdown of sorts was inevitable... but I nearly made it to mid-semester break.
Yesterday I just lost it, because Ame and I had worked hard on our speech for Indo on Sunday, and thought we were good to go. Then, we read the unit guide and got really confused - so, we went and saw our teacher. Who confused us more, and I was so pissed and confused and stressed that we hadn't done it right and just ugh. I panicked, and got really upset - I hadn't done any practice then either, so I was worried about my lesson, and the fact that I had to go to work. We ended up skipping my second Indo class and I went and used the music room near her flat (she lives on campus) to play and make myself feel better. She also gives the most amazing massages, seriously I felt like I could move my shoulders properly for the first time in a long while. <3 Thank you.

Then, I get home last night and was told that one of my great-uncles has passed away. I'm sad, but more because I'm struggling to remember him. It's strange to think that had it been the same relation on my mum's side, I'd be devastated but because it's on Dad's and we really don't see them much I'm not. Sending my love out to the family though.

And that brings me to now. Still procrastinating fixing this speech and doing the powerpoint (even though it's tomorrow eek) and wondering just where time goes on Tuesday mornings. I'll work it out, but for now I'll leave this here.

PS. It sounds strange because I do see them a bit, but I miss my friends. As in, I miss spending decent amounts of time just hanging out. 
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Today was so up and down, it was ridiculous.

I've been in a bit of a down mood since the accident, mainly because of all my savings basically going down the drain.
[livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling , Japan is now looking very very unlikely. I'm sorry, and if I'm being honest that's what I'm most upset about. It's just like me to not realise just how much I want something until the chance is ripped away from me. I'm not even going to do any more calculations, because it'll just depress me.

Anyway, Dad (who has been amazing about this whole thing <3) let me take his car to uni (THANK GOD) today, and let me just say it is SO strange driving a 4-wheel-drive after my tiny little corolla. Goodness. It felt like a monster, even though it's only a small 4WD, as they go. Missing my music already, that's what keeps me sane driving that far every day.

So I get to uni, sit through English and can't focus at all, finally wake up for Indo. All normal, all fine, until one girl is getting her words muddled up and Bu Y decides to start singing. Why? No freaking clue.
'Jumat, Jumat, ada pesta pada hari Jumat' ... Friday. IN INDONESIAN. Best. Lecturer. Ever. Needless to say, after that I could NOT focus. Between laughing that my class ran with it (I am so ashamed that I will now never again confuse the words for tomorrow and yesterday - 'kemarin adalah Kamis' because of this damn song) or just getting the giggles whenever I thought of her singing it.

... It's been stuck in my head. All day.

Then it was another fairly boring music lecture, a break for lunch, and then I hung out with thalia03 before/after our English tute.
In which I remembered that I have a massive thing for intelligence in guys. A guy in my class did his presentation, and he spoke really ridiculously well and was so passionate about the poetry that he was talking about - he was cute too. I was sitting there and just went 'whoa okay you just got about 10 times more attractive to me'
Not that I showed that outwardly (although I think our tutor thought that, more on that in a second).
The poem we were studying was about a graveyard (fail!student, don't remember the name) and someone made a comment like 'Rameses believed that you aren't truly dead until no one remembers who you are'. All I could think of was Dumbledore, and said as much to thalia03. We both made exaggerated gestures with our hands over our heart and muttering, and I caught our tutor sending a confused look our way. Amusing.

I have to go work now, but one last thing:
I PUT MY NAME DOWN FOR SPRING AWAKENING. The orchestra. The director was so excited when I said I played violin, and was a second year music student and ahhhh I'm so pumped! And daunted, because I'll be the only violin if I do it. But mostly excited. I checked the dates, and it's after all of my actual orchestra stuff is finished so there won't be any clashes with that. WHEEEE.

That took the edge off my crappy mood, so <3


Apr. 13th, 2011 08:01 pm
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It's weird how the human body/mind reacts to certain things.

Today I ran into the back of another car, and boy did it scare the crap out of me. I'm perfectly okay, so don't you all fret. I was stopped in traffic, and we started moving, and then I zoned out for a second and bang. I feel like such an idiot right now. Luckily the guy whose car I ran into was really nice, and we just exchanged details and he was thinking straight whereas I really wasn't.
I'm still a little shaken up, even though this happened in the middle of the day, which is what the first line is referring to. Mostly now I'm just stressed because I rely on my car a LOT. Like, uni on Friday - I think I can use my brother's car, but the last thing I want to do right now is borrow someone else's car. OR for work on Saturday, what do I do about that? And when the hell am I going to find the time to take my car to get quotes for repairs and UGH.

Not to mention that it was completely my fault, so I will have to pay for the damage. *headdesk*

I was actually having a really good morning too. Indo was fun, my lesson was actually really good - goes to show that a little good practice > lots of dodgy practice. I also headed into the city to study with sine_animo for a while, which helped cheer me up a bit even if we didn't really talk much.
Thank goodness I have no plans and no obligations tomorrow though.

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   I've tried to post a few times over the last couple of days, but they didn't seem to flow very well so I kept giving up. I hope this one is better!

Uni life is amazing sometimes )


I have two more videos for you now. I am utterly addicted to this song. Their voices blend so well together, and I'm really starting to get into Charlene Kaye's music. To give you an idea, I had this song on repeat basically all of yesterday. Which is kind of huge for me...

Lastly, this is a song I adore by Sara Bareilles. She's just released this video for it, and it's so cute. I love that it's so many random people, and that Josh Groban and Ben Folds are in it. WIN WIN WIN!

On that note, I am going to collapse into bed. I made this post twice, because lj is full of fail sometimes.
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 This probably isn't exciting, or mean terribly much to most of my f-list, but I have made a decision to join the student theatre group and/or the student musical society at my uni. I had the realisation the other day that I've missed being involved in productions so much since school, and I hadn't noticed until I started this Sound of Music gig. It'll suck up a LOT of time this year, but I will have to be more organised and focus on that, practice, and Indo - letting myself be ok with just passing my other units. It's an attitude that doesn't come naturally to me, but I think it's important. I'm sick of being the one who shuts herself in with study and doesn't get out and meet people. 

Thankfully, I spoke to Mum and to my surprise she's more than okay with me using my time like this. That was the last thing I wanted to get, her approval, before committing to this.

OMG I'm actually doing this. Excuse me while I go panic/dance excitedly.

Oh and all those who know me know I can't act, I'm not suddenly professing a love or a talent for it - I will be involved in the music side of things, or perhaps even costuming or something like that. I've never done that before, but who knows, I might be good at it.

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I am spellbound. This is why I love music. This.

snuggle_monster recommended I buy her cd, and her voice is a bit strange and takes a little getting used to. A mix between Lisa Miller (who I have decided to go see on Saturday woo!) and Julia Stone. New music makes me happy. So happy.

I am officially ON HOLIDAYS! I'm so excited, 3 months of total freedom. Amazing. It hasn't quite hit me yet though, I keep going 'oh I should be... wait....' My Indonesian exam went really well, there was nothing major I couldn't do. Plus I got to write about WASHINGTON. So I was very happy. I then went to the uni bar to hang out for the last time as a class, kind of weird to think we'll be split up next year because some of them are doing units overseas and will be ahead etc etc. 

Then snuggle_monster came over and we went cd/dvd shopping at this sale, and then I introduced her to the wonders of Mulan and Pocahontas (which as a 19-year-old Disney nut she inexplicably hadn't seen). We decided that I am/was Nakoma, and she was Meeko in Pocahontas. Yes, the raccoon. Tehehehe. Oh and then talking until it was light about anything and everything. Perfect end to the year I say.
To snuggle_monster: *pokes* YOU'RE TOO CUTE. 

I had a minor freak-out when someone said 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that' on their way out of the bar.... My brain was all 'NOOO WAYYYY' Bwahahah. That had not even crossed my mind.

Random note: Kurt/Blaine in Glee are too adorable for me to handle. The End.
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I am content. Drinking tea and just chatting after a great afternoon/evening.

A stressful-turned-amazing day )
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 Alright. So.
Grand total of productive work done for this exam tomorrow: about an hour.
Amount of time spent procrastinating this study: 2 entire days. And that's just when I'm supposed to have done this and only this.
Normal me, would be panicking at this point. I am not. In itself, this is slightly worrying. I hope I'm still this chilled when I actually have to walk in there and speak in Indonesian for half an hour tomorrow. Oh boy. 

I absolutely adore this song. <3
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I stole my title from a friend's tumblr, I think it's rather apt. For me it would be: harpisan, snuggle_monster, Ame, pebblegosling and ... actually I don't know who the fifth would be. Although I'm taking some license here, technically the order would be different if I was going according to actual time spent with them recently. Which is too little, by the by.
End random thought of the moment.

Life... )
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 Guess who just finished their last assignment for the year?!
(currently ignoring the fact that I have 4 more exams over the next week. Shush.)

This assignment was the speech for Indonesian, about musicals. The class seemed to enjoy it - let's hope Bu Y did too. Speaking of, she gave us even more reason to think she's awesome today.
Exhibit a) She walks in and gives us all food (tempe and cassava chips and kopi lollies) while they waited for us to set up.
Exhibit b) She didn't care at all that we went massively overtime by playing all of the clips (Priscilla on The Footy Show, Grandma's Song, The Lion KingSeasons of Love, and Nothing Suits Me like a Suit)
Exhibit c) We spent a good 10 minutes talking about insults, and how Indonesians use many animals as a hierarchy in terms of crassness. The worst of which are calling someone a dog and calling someone a pig. Then, says: 'oh, linguistics' *trails off* *resumes actual discussion*

My plans for this evening are
Watch Glee
Eat some of this chocolate.
Start proper study for Music History and Gamelan
Do some form of exercise

Bye for now!

PS I had a pretty odd dream last night. You know those ones where it's a perfectly ordinary scenario - except the people are all random? And then one particularly odd action occurs, and then everything just goes mental? Yeah.. one of those. Plus I remembered it, clear as day, all of a sudden.
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 And the randomness continues...

dun dun DUN )
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 I just watched the new Glee episode and burst into tears twice. I won't go into it too much, [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling  has already done that and I agree with everything she said. It was rather amazing.

A list of the randomness that is my life. )
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 It is finished!!!
That gamelan essay I was working on when I last posted, that is. 1500 words in one day, then referencing took me an entire evening. But I can put it away now, and start on the next assignment.

update, flist meme )
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 Well, I'm glad to say that today was much better than yesterday.

I overslept, again, after waking up before my alarm and deciding to wait for it. Then I realised that I would have to leave in 25 minutes to make it to my lesson on time - I decided to call and cancel instead because there was really no point going in that state when I haven't practised violin all week. I then pottered around, made lunch, and got organised for my class. Oh, and I played that bar of music on my violin, and guess what ... it was right first go. So it is just that I'm playing viola, not that I have coordination problems. Pfft.

My class was Indonesian, and as always it was awesome. We were talking about tourism, in particular tourism of the grandparents' persuasion. Somehow, that led to the discovery that people in our class are more inclined to be dog people rather than cat people, and that one has both a spider as a pet and a possum. That they found in their washing machine. XD Which is ever so slightly worrying.
I found out my mark for that project I did on gamelan, and I was very very happy with it. I just looked at it and couldn't believe it and started grinning like a lunatic. Made me feel a lot better =P

After that it was onto planning my Indonesian speech with Ame, which was lots of fun as it's going to be about musicals and how they relate to 'Australian' culture. We have this idea of actually doing it as a musical, but I'm not sure if that'll work out. It'd be totally awesome if we could pull that off. Tehehe.

And now I am at home, staring at this pile of mess and trying to figure out how my computer can burn DVDs. I know it can... XD
On my list for tonight:
1. Clean up all this crap
2. Finish/send off forms for those fines etc
3. Do this week's Indo work
4. Start writing stuff for this speech

Wish me luck!
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 Well, I am at the moment.

No Google chrome, I did NOT spell Vegemite wrong.

As bright as bright can be... )
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 *breathes out*

Guess what?!
I have no more assessments due in until October 11th!!! Apart from one speech, but that's for Indonesian and is on Musicals so it totally doesn't count XD

I actually only went to 2 out of 4 classes today, major cbf on aural in particular. But I did finish that assignment for it, probably shit, but it's done and handed in and I don't care. I don't even think it's going to get marked...

After that I actually did some Indonesian translation work, and then met up with [livejournal.com profile] snuggle_monster , [livejournal.com profile] snuggle_monster  and another one of their student theatre friends. Those two together are totally insane - much like [livejournal.com profile] harpisan  and I, actually. It was pretty amusing, they do an altogether-too-accurate impression of Prue and Trude from Kath & Kim ... at one point they continued for something like 5 minutes, stopped, looked at each other and went 'we kept that up for far too long, didn't we?'
I also need to learn that if I zone out do NOT try to rejoin the conversation. Or try to follow it. In their friend's words 'Haven't you learned to stop asking by now?' He's got a point. Also, he was pretty awesome. Oh, another thing, they both go GAGA over puppies. Seriously. Again, I commented about how they must be twins, and he's just gone 'huh? ... I see one person' XD
Pretty easy way to waste 2 hours.
Oh, and thalia03 gave snuggle_monster a pink leopard-print 'onesie' as a birthday present. Let me just say, I have never seen such an enthusiastic reaction to a gift from anyone above the age of about 5. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

Oh and the thing that totally made my day: I discovered the little Asian grocery store on campus stocks Strawberry Fanta. IT'S SO GOOD! Discovered while in Indonesia, and haven't had since. *grins*
Although now the label saying 'rasa stroberi' makes me giggle inappropriately.

That's all for now, off to watch Scrubs and continue to enjoy my well-deserved night off!
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... Or something to that effect.
I went to see the uni student theatre production that snuggle_monster is in tonight, and may I just say it is hilarious. So brilliant. She is also an adorable Devil's Advocate - puppy dog eyes ftw.
Basically, it's about a fairly average guy who loses his job, and then makes a deal with the devil (who is female and 'smoking hot') to rent out his head. And anything (like ballet or African drumming classes) starts interfering with his own actions. With pirates in the play that rehearses in his head.
My favourite moment was when the cast of 'pirates' had other roles like 'water-cooler' (complete with sound effects) and them acting as crew singing lines such as this blog's title. *is still laughing inwardly*

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day. Feeling a lot calmer and together than last night, which is always a good thing.
Indonesian (well the second half) was amusing as per usual. I really like our new tutor, she's great. Our task today was to conduct a debate about which of two 'heroes' was better - Bu Y or the Pope. It was highly entertaining, really.
Have a couple of quotes:

M:*chatters away in Indonesian*
Teacher: Oh! Bahasa Indonesia, baik sekali
Our little group: ... that shouldn't be a surprise. *facepalm*

And then, because we were overachievers we'd finished all three questions and were just chatting about who we could compare and came up with Bu Y vs Terminator. Bu K happened to overhear us, and popped up out of nowhere with 'Bu Y would win' *walks away*
Cue giggles.

Random video. 'The Chaser's War on Everything' cracks me up. (won't mean much of anything to those outside of Australia)

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I didn't realise how much I missed my Indo class until I got back there today, and laughed my way from start to finish. So brilliant. It was so good to chat to Ame and M as well =)
We were watching a video of an Indonesian drama, and it somehow lead to a discussion/rating of The Notebook, and then got a glimpse of the ways in which guys and girls think about relationships. (the title of the drama roughly translates to 'Do you still love me?')

Here, have another video!
I meant to put this in the post last night, but  I got well and truly side-tracked.
I love the captions at around 0:50. Megan Washington is one talented lady.

'I want you to make a mess of me and all my Sunday best' ... *chortle*

I got so excited when I found out Washington is touring in September, and moreover the tickets aren't expensive at all! So pumped =D

Just a quick post, so that I don't let myself waste too much time.


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