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We tend to arrange periods in pillars, stepping from the baroque ... then classical ... then to the romantic ... then to the 20th century, euch.
Bach didn't say 'oh, I'm dying, that's the end of the Baroque'

That should give you an idea of how awesome our new lecturer for music history is. We were in hysterics for the first 15 minutes solid. Brilliant.
Pretty much the highlight of the day.
He also managed to make fun of Justin Bieber. Nuff said.

In other news, my uni friends have now had a glimpse of strung out, stressed, cry-at-drop-of-hat rdm. Stupid aural teacher who goes too freaking fast. I hate hate hate feeling like I've gone backwards. GAHHH.
But a massive thankyou to L who stuck around after to calm me down/help me practice. I didn't even realise how tightly strung I've been lately and hormones don't help matters

Then, running into just the person I was looking for (F) and chatting excitedly about Regina Spektor and Newton Faulkner, kind of shutting out her friend in the process (oops *looks sheepish*) and keeping her from getting to choir on time... Tehee. Also, pebblegosling, her guy friend H is kinda cute.

I have this 3-year-old piano student at the moment - he is possibly the cutest thing ever. It never fails to surprise me how fast little kids can pick things up - I was only trying to get him to clap in time last lesson, and he wasn't really getting it right, but I get there today and he was so excited to show me he could do it. Perfectly in time too. =D SO ADORABLE!!!

Random observation of the weekend: 'Hotel Song' is a crack-y song about crack. XD XD XD

And thus ends a random and pointless post. *nods*


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