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I posted this on tumblr.

But I need this on here.

I can't describe how much I am flailing right now.

I just can't.

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Oh man, I'd forgotten how much I love his music videos...
He imitates Justin Bieber, excuse my while I go double up with laughter.

So, hey, guys. I am alive, and I am (tentatively) back to livejournal. I'm still not sure how often I will actually post, but this is me promising to try. I've missed you all.

A lot can happen in 2 months... )
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So I have been feeling ridiculously crappy. Just, really really terrible. Then I jump on tumblr and someone reminds me of this song.


And then THIS version.

irst time I've really smiled all afternoon.
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 Ah Tom Lehrer you are amazing and awesome and I'm not sure how I've HAD an album of yours for months and months and hadn't listened to it until tonight.

The things that amuse my muso mind... )

What I actually *did* today was work (teaching job) and then rushing to this mini concert thing they were putting on in order to support my students (one way to make me feel like a real teacher...) but managed to be too late to see them play. Sadface. She said it was 'okay' though, which coming from this student means she was probably totally fine XD

It's interesting listening to the standard of the other students. Pretty common music school concert, some were terrible (nerves or poor teaching you never really know), some were decent, and there were one or two that screamed 'so much potential'. Pity that the one that jumped out at me as 'she could be amazing' had a shocking bowhold (DOES NO ONE ELSE TEACH PEOPLE TO BEND PINKIES GEEZ), and will need to change teachers to improve much more. Which knowing the way these things work, she may not any time soon. Which makes me kind of sad, tbh. I think the piano teaching is much more consistent, there were some pretty good piano students.

Then it was me driving all the way home, dropping off my violin, and then jumping on the train back into the city to go watch my friend, B, sing his first solo jazz gig. He has such a gorgeous (countertenor) voice, it was a perfect way to unwind. I've been wanting to hear him sing for a while. He's also adorable. although I will never not find it amusing how many 'effeminate gay male' stereotypes he fits. never. he just doesn't give a shit either which is part of what I love about him

I actually teared up at one point. Oh and apparently we're doing a 'fancy afternoon tea' because we managed to miss each others' 21sts and haven't actually caught up in a few months. <3

That's all, folks.

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 She apparently randomly speaks in third person.

Real life? )

Lauren's music 101 )
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I love her, I love this song anyway, but I am instantly in love with this. STRING BIAS HELL YEAH.
So good. You should have seen my reaction, it would have amused everyone.

Second post for the day, just had to share that. =D
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 I know I say it all the time, but I have the most incredible friends anyone could ask for.

Despite everything else that's gone on this week, my day yesterday was almost perfect.

snuggle_monster, harpisan, sine_animo, Ame came with me on a picnic to Hanging Rock (yes, same as in the book/movie) to celebrate my birthday. Lots of food, ridiculously silly conversation (not sure how every single comment we made turned into a sexual innuendo/about beastiality of all things) and gorgeous surrounds. As well as epic photos and documentary-style footage of our walk up to the rock.

Of course, snuggle_monster pretty much stole the whole show. At one point, she and sine_animo vanished to 'go and get another part' of my present (the first part being seriously AMAZING headphones). As soon as I spotted them coming back, I *knew* precisely what she was doing. I could see the blue wayfarers, the plaid flannel shirt, the jeans, the converse... Yep. She dressed up as Darren Criss, complete with bazouki to play and sing for me. I just stared at her and couldn't decide whether to laugh at her or want to curl up in a ball in embarrassment. For all her protesting, she has a gorgeous voice when she sings properly - something I'd never actually heard her do before.

Of course, she managed to pick up on exactly when I started tearing up - and went back to being silly. I wanted to shake her at that point for ruining the moment XD

I love you all.

PS. harpisan made me a really pretty friendship bracelet thingy, but I am too unco to tie it on properly. I need to remedy that soon.
PPS. These headphones are so amazing I can't decide what to listen to next, thank you thank you thank you to snuggle_monster, sine_animo and thalia03
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This is kind of wonderful. I've fallen in love with their voices, and those three songs mixed together is gorgeous. <3

Here, have another one:

I was totally dancing in my seat. I'm so cool. I don't even like the song *that* much XD
Finds like this are why I love tumblr. Yep. Well, one of the reasons.

What have I been up to recently? Oh, I went to that Disney party - it was fun getting dressed up, and good to see the birthday girl but I didn't know many people so didn't stay terribly long. Now, let me see if I can upload that photo I promised...

Work was work, I was meant to go out with snuggle_monster but we were both too wrecked to even think about moving, Sunday I did absolutely nothing and it was amazing, and today I worked again. Tomorrow will be an epic marathon baking session, as well as buying party decorations and (finally) going to the doctor's to see what the hell is happening with my ear.

I also got home tonight and had snuggle_monster spoil her own surprise to check something about my birthday present: I literally sat at my screen like this for ages.

That's all I feel like talking about tonight, so goodbye for now!
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 I just got home from work, and for a shift I very reluctantly took it was actually almost enjoyable. The five hours went quickly, and I earned $140 at any rate =D

Whoa, so I haven't posted properly in over a week. I'll spare you all the boring details, here are some of the highlights (I'm in an optimistic mood!)

I had my Indonesian oral exam on Monday, and it was so much fun. I love that I can say that about an exam. I hung out with Ame for a while beforehand, we were supposed to cram but not much got done really. Then we went in, and the analysis of Gerr (the play) was relatively easy, and we both followed each others' arguments really well. We got told at the end that we had probably the best understanding of the play in the whole class. We then spent the rest of the time talking about Glee in relation to role models in the media. Not only did Bu Y let us use that as our topic, she joined in - and made a comparison using Sue Sylvester and a character from the play. It was so funny. She also told us we got in the 80s!! So exciting.
My Indo written exam was on Friday, and I think I did alright - I finished it, anyway. The most stressful part was getting there and finding a park. I hate morning exams because the traffic is terrible, I left an hour and 45 minutes to get there and I was still cutting it really close - without traffic that journey takes 40 minutes.

I got paid a substantial amount more than I expected this week, and so am able to pay of the other insurance claim and still have money to actually spend this month. So I bought Christina Perri's cd and I have to say I love it. <3

My parents have been away since Friday afternoon, and I love having the house just to myself and my brother. It's things like this that show me that yep, I could live out of home. Which is still a vague plan for next year - provided a few things go my way.

I spent the majority of last week procrastinating, some practice, and those exams. Now that I only have my recital and English left, I've been using my time to practice and go through this list of things to organise - mainly on my computer. It's good to be able to just chill.

It was so good to see wolfielove yesterday, random movie afternoons ftw! We should do that more often *nods*

I saw harpisan last Tuesday too - we went to see Rio and had a fair bit of fun. So good to see her again, it's been too long. Even though even short amounts of time away from her seem far too long. <3

On a similar note, I finally got to talk to pebblegosling on Saturday and last night - after not having a proper conversation for ages. It's been a good week for communication, obviously.

My playing is getting better, although I got knocked down a little after my lesson on Thursday as nothing was up to scratch and my teacher pointed out that I'd regressed with my technique. I've calmed down now, but I was a little upset.

Also, last night this moved me so much that I teared up - if anyone needed any more proof that this woman is beautiful, inside and out, this is it. I also know that I follow the right people when my entire dash was just reblogs of this for about half an hour.

I'll stop rambling now, but have a video of NPH being his usual epically awesome self at the Tony awards.

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 This song. Her voice. I'm incoherent, I don't care.

I'm really emotional listening to this, I just, it's overwhelming.

This week has been pretty up and down as well, I will recount it properly this weekend, but for now just have the music that is quite literally playing into my heart.

Also this. I never knew Sara Ramirez had such a stunning voice. My goodness.

I both love and hate that music gets to me so much. It's why I do what I do, but it hurts so damn much sometimes.
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 I really love this song, but somehow I always forget about it. I should download it, really.

In a related note, I really need to remember the line in my title. If I'm being honest, I am struggling to hold myself together at the moment. My good old distraction techniques work for the most part, but when I actually think about some of the stuff that's going on around me I just get really overwhelmed and upset. Plus, I had a flashback last night to my days at my old school because of a line in a fanfic I read (I never know what will get to me) and so that really doesn't help.

I don't really know what else to say about my week, except that it has been ridiculously up and down at best. snuggle_monster and I had an awesome musical night at my place, even if the musical part of that night was cut rather short. Oh well, we still managed to talk until 5am. Skill, we have them.

I then proceeded to sleep through my alarm, and got pissed off at myself for a number of reasons, and kind of exploded.
snuggle_monster, I'm sorry. I actually just needed to vent, and cry, and your logical and sensible arguments went completely unheeded and I apologise if I bit your head off unreasonably. I scare myself when I get like that, because I literally just don't comprehend reason - instead I am upset for the sake of being upset. Thank goodness I don't get like that often.

I forget that I'm not expected to know what to do at all times.

Anyway, enough of that. I have so much to do but I can hardly get myself to start (let alone finish) anything, what else is new... Procrastination you suck. I just know I'm going to end up winging my Indo oral exam, I just know it. I do have English notes, I just have to look up some key words and I do have all of tomorrow. Panic hasn't set in yet because of that.
I need to practice desperately. Oh, and my violin decided that last night was a brilliant time to start buzzing, 3 weeks out from my exam. Great.
I also have a list of random errands a mile long - most of which involve cash and so have been put 'on hold' as such until I get paid this week. Better be on time of I will throw something. I'm pretty sure I'll be flat broke in about a week or so. Fun times.

OH! In better news, I have my car back!! =D
Freedom is sweet. I won't be taking it for granted again for a while. and driving like a grandma
My Dad is also amazing, and I don't have to pay him back for anything until I get a full time job. So I owe a hell of a lot of money, but it's alright for now.

One last thing, I am turning 21 in less than a month. When did that happen?
My parents have decided that I should have a big party (I was going to go with smaller events, but hey i'm not complaining if they're paying...) so I'm currently trying to work out logistics. Just another method of procrastination.

I really should go now. Really really.
So. Bye. *waves*
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 This weekend was awesome. I went on a 'camp' with N's church group, and it was so lovely just to be able to stop and relax for a day.
I did feel a bit anti-social, because I got there and had no energy so I chilled with my phone's slow internet and my Glee playlist on my ipod, but then I got dragged into a hilarious game called 'last word' that had us all in hysterics. And ate copious amounts of amazing food, and general silliness.
I got home, and have just been messing around here.

I did have a couple of moments on the weekend that I want to share though. It was a bit strange to be back in a Bible study kind of thing after a year of struggling with my faith and not going to church - but I couldn't have asked for better people to go back to it with. If/when I move over that side of town, I will definitely be going to church there. They feel like home.
In a related note, 'Steer' by Missy Higgins was played while a reflection time was happening, and I freaked out. You see, the very first time I went to this group (they call it 'Deeper') this song came on my ipod on the way home and I was struck with the utter relevance it had to how I felt with them, that I had once again found a spiritual home so to speak. For it to randomly be the song played today? Mind-blowing.

Just one more thing to say. I find the most wonderful things on tumblr. This is a song I love, covered by a different artist that I adore - and that sings in a pretty different genre. Somehow it works. Love her <3

That's all from me tonight!
Happy, relaxed Lauren is happy.
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 Thanks to a conversation on fb with thalia03, I now can't stop the image of this

accompanying the line in my title from this

Short, silly post because I am trying NOT to think about how I'm going to pay my parents back the $3000 I'm going to owe them for my car. Just, ugh. I feel sooo guilty.

Also, 6 hours of orchestra has killed my brain. And my index finger (my callous came off OWWW). I have to study tonight... this is not going to end well.

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I seem to have been doing this a lot lately, starting a post with a video of this artist. It's because she is amazing, and this song has cheered me up this morning.

It's so bouncy, I love it! (LOL at Darren's dancing too)
I really want to buy her cds, as well as the Starship cast recording. I don't really want to spend any more money until I've sorted out this car insurance crap (the guy hasn't called me back, odd) although I can probably spare it. I also want to buy an actual copy of Darren Criss' EP. Oh and Adele's album. Um. As you can probably guess, most of my money goes on music.

[ profile] pebblegosling  just sent me this link, and I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear someone talk about music like that. I mean, no genre bias, just talking about the music for what it is. One of the many reasons I love this man.

In other news, I am still firmly in denial about how much work I have to do. Like, I know how much there is, I even have a list and it's scarily long, but I can't seem to get myself to start. 
My brain is elsewhere at the moment, and actually, I need distractions more than anything. Perhaps I should go get a massage or something, try to relax. I'll stop this right here before I go around in circles.
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 It's 1am, I have to be up for work in about 5 hours or so, and I am on an utter high right now.

I just got home from Washington's concert, and it was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Not only is she one extremely talented lady, she infused so many of the songs tonight with so much emotion, it was insane. I would put a lot of money on the fact that something has happened in her love life, I mean, the way she sang a couple of songs in particular tonight was so different to last time - you could just feel the raw heartache in her voice.

I went with snuggle_monster, thalia03 and her sister, and it was good to let go a bit. I've had a bit of a rough week (to put it lightly) which I might explain in an entry tomorrow, and so I am glad this was on tonight.

A couple of songs in particular got to me.
'Someone Else in Mind' was intense. Intense. I haven't heard or seen her sing with that much intensity ever. I was in awe. I also teared up a bit at that.
'The Hardest Part' was insanely high-energy and followed on well, but was a completely different tone. It worked.

Just another couple of points and then I will crash. Firstly, her stories are hilarious. She was drunk, as always, and was so funny. Innuendo, swearing, you name it. *chuckles* She cracks me up.
I noticed, and commented to snuggle_monster at one point that a lot of her songs had been slowed down. To which she replied 'yeah, they're all at drunkato tempo'. Me: *doubles over laughing*

Now, I'm as straight as people come. But tonight, good lord she was sexy. Whoa. Girlcrush is still going strong, evidently.
Perhaps my Kinsey scale number isn't as close to 0 as I thought

I can't always tell what is going to get to me the most, and this time the song came out of nowhere. It was actually my least favourite on the album, but tonight I just lost it a bit. I'll post the lyrics here for now, but it was something about the way she sang it, combined with recent events that just got to me.

All the things you've said
And things you've done
I remember, in memoriam
You said that you did
But you did not
Oh, you ache for something
God knows what

I sing every song I've ever sung
From what we were to what we'll become
And full of hope and electricity
Now I let you make a man of me

What can I do?
What can I do?
What can I do?
Now I am on fire
I believe you
I believe you
I believe you
I believe you, liar

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I just got home from the dentist and have a dilemma. See, I'm not someone who hates the dentist - of course it's not my idea of fun but it's not that horrible (I never have anything wrong with my teeth, so that probably has something to do with it). I really love how clean my teeth always feel when I've had them properly cleaned. Ie right now. Except, I'm hungry and want to drink tea BUT don't want to ruin said clean feeling. I must resist for a while.

What I actually want to post about is yesterday.
I got up early and was actually awake and alert - amazing in itself. Then, I rushed home and met snuggle_monster there so we could go off to the airport to see pebblegosling off. We were pretty chilled out actually, and watching her and her dad was pretty funny. A definite moment for snuggle_monster of 'oh so that's where she gets it from'
Being at the airport also cued interesting discussions about positive (mine) and negative (hers) associations with airports. Really interesting.
Oh, and also epic talks about long-distance relationships, exchanges, and a lot of jealousy over pebblegosling's plans.

After just chatting all afternoon, and a staff meeting on my part, and yummy food, and drama with forgetting my ticket and having to go home again we finally got to The Jezabels concert. Which was amazing.

They aren't the kind of band that I can listen to at any time, I have to be in particular moods, but they are incredibly talented.
Firstly, their setlist was a lot like they chose my favourite tracks off their EPs. WIN. So so good.
Their music itself is so different, and not your standard pop/alternative stuff which made the musos in us so happy. We ended up going on a rant about composition afterwards. I mean, they used time signatures like 7/8 and even different time signatures over the top of one another. The drummer was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
We danced ridiculously, even though most people around us were standing stock still because we're awesome like that. (no idea how you would even be able to stand still listening to them, but to each their own)
One thing that amused us is that the lead singer kept reminding us of Washington. Purely in appearance their voices are completely different, she's tiny and the hair is the same - and so before we focused on her we kept seeing Washington. It was weird.
I also discovered this morning that they formed for a band competition at Sydney University. Of freaking course. XD

I had their closing song in my head all night.

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I've had a pretty good day today, despite early morning lectures (to which the lecturer was late, damn it could have slept longer) on Labour Day. Although, I did crash at home when I settled down to read. Naps are lovely. So happy I didn't have to work.

I had my own moment of 'what are you doing Lauren, just freaking start talking - you do that enough it shouldn't be this hard' in my long break. Sat down in the campus centre and couldn't help but overhear the intelligent debate going on next to me between this *really* attractive guy and a couple of his friends. WANTED TO BUTT IN SO BADLY. But chickened out. Gah. I need to put myself out there more. Yep. New mission. XD Get over that pronto.

Other than that, I did the tiniest amount of practice tonight - this week's been horrible for that for me. Not sure why. Kind of writing it off, even when I try it just fails. I'll get there.

music meme! )
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 Man, Darren Criss singing Baby One More Time is just as epic as I thought it would be. I'm grinning like an idiot here... NOSTALGIAAAAA
that album may or may not have been the first cd I ever bought

*goes back to writing notes*

Warning: This post is full of flail. Really random flail. )

Anyway, I've recovered from the panic of my last post. I ended up skipping the Indo class on Friday morning, just because I couldn't face speaking in front of people. I was so tired, so run down, I hadn't done the preparation. You know it's bad when skipping a class makes me feel better.
I've now done most of the things on that list, and made a conscious decision not to do others.
Let me see, what else has been going on...

My shift at work on Friday was the first one with my new boss. It was ... interesting. I'll go with interesting. It wasn't great, but I'm hoping we'll all settle in soon. Fingers crossed some of the more pointless procedures get dumped quickly.

Saturday I taught during the day, as always, and it was the first shift I've been properly awake for in a little while. Which makes it so much more fun. It took me an hour and a half to finally get home, running errands that I was meant to get done on Thursday but the universe wasn't having any of that. 
I then proceeded to stay home, pretty tired, and study/stalk people's tumblrs and then eventually chat to sine_animo.
My brother had a fair few of his friends around for a barbeque for his 18th birthday, and at one point I paused my music and just started laughing to myself. He got some really good new speakers as a present from someone, and so the music was blasting. Normal 18th, right? Wrong. The music blasting was Glee. SO MUCH APPROVAL. I have a feeling it was his gf who hijacked the music, BUT it was from his ipod. So. *laughs*

Today, I woke up at 9am, felt pretty awake and was actually going to get up (insane considering I was up until 2am last night) but then managed to fall asleep until 11am, got woken by a phone call from work and so forcing myself to wake up that fast made me feel so disoriented. Then ended up having a headache and actually feeling really shaky and just plain ill. Thankfully that didn't last too long.

This afternoon has been pretty productive, apart from practice being an utter fail. This week's been pretty bad - hoping to get some good practice done tomorrow and Tuesday before my lesson on Wednesday.

That's right, there's more. )

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*melts into a puddle*

Less flail, more real life )
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   I've tried to post a few times over the last couple of days, but they didn't seem to flow very well so I kept giving up. I hope this one is better!

Uni life is amazing sometimes )


I have two more videos for you now. I am utterly addicted to this song. Their voices blend so well together, and I'm really starting to get into Charlene Kaye's music. To give you an idea, I had this song on repeat basically all of yesterday. Which is kind of huge for me...

Lastly, this is a song I adore by Sara Bareilles. She's just released this video for it, and it's so cute. I love that it's so many random people, and that Josh Groban and Ben Folds are in it. WIN WIN WIN!

On that note, I am going to collapse into bed. I made this post twice, because lj is full of fail sometimes.


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