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Ah procrastination. I really wish you'd leave me alone.

This afternoon, I was (well, am) trying to get this Indonesian work done so I can start on this week's. Instead, I ended up spending an hour or so sleeping, an hour picking a new lj layout (isn't it pretty?) and then countless time on fb and actually sitting here doing absolutely nothing, and now posting.
Clever. Ah well. I'm feeling substantially less stressed out now, as my second-to-last assignment is now in. And we found out about our theory exam today - it is so easy, it's actually ridiculous. What was I doing wasting my time going to all those lectures?? Grr. Oh well, at least I should ace one of them then.

Last night was weird, I had rehearsal at uni - and as such it did NOT feel like a Sunday. My brain was just refusing to accept that fact. So anyway, we've had to change one of the pieces because the soloist got sick, but the new one (Mozart Clarinet concerto) is only scored for a very small orchestra. We'd all assumed that us first-years wouldn't be in it at all, which suited us just fine as it meant less rehearsal time. We were wrong though, but only for one of us. H had to stay, while most of use could go. Which was fine, except I was her lift home - and as if I'm going to bugger off. I went and chilled at Nat's for the extra hour and a bit, after grabbing maccas (oh the shame) because I was so hungry. So good that she lives so close! The poor thing's sprained her ankle though, and as such is pretty much glued to her couch. For someone as busy as she normally is, that's insanely frustrating.

Anyway, another random and pointless post - and now I must must must get this Indo done, as well as some practice. Bye for now!

PS. The title pretty much refers to my state of alertness at the moment.


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