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I'm currently at the point where I have so much to say that none of it is forming complete sentences in my head. It's weird.
So, instead of trying to write about my (brilliant) first week of holidays, I am going to do a spam of the random stuff that's in my head at the moment - or more specifically, what has entertained me the past week. So you may just get the idea anyway ;)

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Dear Bach,
I know you’re a musical legend and all, but I really wish you had thought just a little about us mere mortal musicians when you were writing your works for solo violin. They are beautiful, no doubt about that, and I am not questioning your purpose or structure – but I must say, my hands don’t quite like some of the stretches and such involved.

As for you Kreutzer, the only word I can think of to describe most of your Etudes is ‘sadistic’. I am in pain, and it’s your fault.

Sorry to be such an ungrateful violinist,


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*chuckles* I love musicals, and the fact that the random people on the street just know the songs. The line in my title is so apt though. It's from Enchanted and being a Disney nut I absolutely adore that movie. If it wasn't the by same people there would be so many lawsuits for all the rip-offs! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9JB5VAHDMo - dodgy quality but you get the idea)
So, why am I talking about this? It's what I do. Well, actually, I was showing [livejournal.com profile] harpisan , who unbelievably hasn't seen it. It's now on our really long list of things we want to do in the near future. Youtubing at midnight after a concert = win.

Ahem, yes. Concert. Andre Rieu. As a classical musician, I am ashamed to say I enjoyed myself. I'll admit, I went in with the attitude that the whole thing is so smarmy and cheesy and that I didn't have much respect for the whole idea or him for that matter. But the second item just got me. Beautiful, pure and simple. My respect for him as a violinist jumped about a mile. And then people started clapping before it had finished. Snapped me out of my spell - and I remembered where I was. And realised that yes, I am a classical music snob. Having said that, I did end up relaxing and enjoying the show for what it was. They are all completely NUTS. All of them. I am vaguely worried that his sense of humour is rather similar to ours...
For example, he had way too much fun messing with all the non-musical people in the audience. He would encourage them to clap, and then suddenly slow down. Or when they were dancing (yes, corny) to The Blue Danube, he would pause. He did it so often that we were left in amazement at how they would fall for it *every* time. Ahh musical schadenfreude. Love it. And the joke about his heart beating in 3/4 time - we were in hysterics and the people around us were just like "it's meant to be funny, we'll smile, but we don't get it".
Let's not forget the heart attacks this poor violinist had at an $11 million Stradivarius violin being swung around the stage...

Oh something else that appealed to us happened earlier in the day. This random guy was letting me pull out in front of him, not with the usual handwave though. He pulled out this EPIC flourish and bow. Made our afternoon.

So that was Friday. On Saturday, I had to work - I was so incredibly tired. I was dreading my violin lesson, quite frankly, because I thought it was going to suffer because of my lack of energy. Amazingly, my teacher had almost nothing to say about the Schubert, and bar a few memory slips in the Bach it was also fine. The Legende wasn't too bad either, I just have to consciously *relax* or my hand tenses up and those chords just sound like crap. But in comparison to last year - well it's like a different person is playing it. One thing I love about doing essentially the same pieces now as I did last time, it's really easy to see an improvement in my playing. This could be the reason that I'm actually excited about my recital - as opposed to nervous. Touch wood I'm not speaking too soon.
The bad thing about that, of course, is that I'm getting pretty bored at the moment. I can't wait to do the exam so I can start some new stuff. What to play though?

Saturday night - Halloween. I don't celebrate it, never have, and don't really have any desire to. So what do I do? I had the house to myself (my parents didn't actually remember to tell me that I had to get my own dinner but ah well) so I blasted my music, cleaned up my room, all the while dancing to said music. Such an awesome use of my time. Especially dancing around to 'You Make My Dreams'. Just saying. I was incredibly bouncy, for one main reason. I realised that because it was the 31st of October, it was 8 weeks until I leave for Indonesia. It's certainly snuck up on us - but it's so exciting.

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in a while, it went for sooo long. I'm still struggling to connect - but it's nice to know that the people are so sweet, they do keep encouraging me to come. Bah. I don't know how to explain it, other than it's not the Salvos. Which is all I've known. On that note, my family decided this week that at the end of the year they are going to leave my old church too. The whole situation is pretty sad really, considering my mum has been there her entire life - but you have to move on when it's not going anywhere. As I've discovered.

So we get to today. What have I done? Almost nothing. Cleaned out my desk (there is something satisfying about organising my life haha) and chatted on msn. One last rehearsal with my accompanist (who is brilliant I might add) this morning, but that was the extent of my productivity. Ah well.
One other thing I managed to do today: I tripped up my stairs. I now have a huge lump just under my knee, that will probably be black and blue by tomorrow. Nearly swore at the top of my lungs too - with Mum home. Luckily I caught myself, she wouldn't have been to pleased with me.

Well that's quite enough for one post I think, so I will go back to reading this webcomic that [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling so kindly showed me, and laughing at all the ones mocking my own religion. They're just so damn funny.

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Apologies in advance, this post isn't going to make much (if any) sense to anyone but [livejournal.com profile] harpisan

So, apparently we've officially finished classes. Where on earth did this year go? I swear, they keep going faster and faster. (I know, I sound like an old woman) Now it's headlong into study, practice, ensemble rehearsals, and more practice.

Our classes today pretty much summed up the year - in more ways than one. There is the obvious revision/speed learning for the exams - but there were also some great calls. Particularly by vocalist J, who manages to crack us all up. It's not that she says things that are entirely original (although they can be) but she has a great sense of comic timing, and phrasing. So funny.
(her rendition of the song featured in my title is gold - check out the original here though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKZR3Bcj4jw)

Two classic calls made today by J.

J: If I get sick, I am going to kill something.
S: Can we offer suggestions of people for you to kill? Say, J?
J: *thinks* No, the world deserves to be subjected to him.

G: No one speaks German? Really?
J: That surprises you *every* time!
G: *laughs for 5 minutes straight*

It's about time he actually noticed that he asks some variant of that every class =P

He came up with some gems today too.
'They do street shows, and people watch, and throw buttons at them'
'We're going to listen to 'Verklarte Nacht' today. I want to prove that this guy could actually compose.' (the closest thing we'll ever get to him admitting he doesn't like a form of classical music)

Accidentally apt description of the day: 'mindless understanding'
*chuckles* It works on so many levels.

AND one last random thing, *sings*
I love that website. Seriously. The 'mouse-over' text made my day.
Now I have a strange desire to watch 'Bring It On' again. Tehehe. Thanks facebook mum.

I must be off now, considering it's 10:30 and I haven't actually done any work. In theory that should be easier without my laptop - but in reality I just hog the home computer. *sigh*


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