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I just got home from the dentist and have a dilemma. See, I'm not someone who hates the dentist - of course it's not my idea of fun but it's not that horrible (I never have anything wrong with my teeth, so that probably has something to do with it). I really love how clean my teeth always feel when I've had them properly cleaned. Ie right now. Except, I'm hungry and want to drink tea BUT don't want to ruin said clean feeling. I must resist for a while.

What I actually want to post about is yesterday.
I got up early and was actually awake and alert - amazing in itself. Then, I rushed home and met snuggle_monster there so we could go off to the airport to see pebblegosling off. We were pretty chilled out actually, and watching her and her dad was pretty funny. A definite moment for snuggle_monster of 'oh so that's where she gets it from'
Being at the airport also cued interesting discussions about positive (mine) and negative (hers) associations with airports. Really interesting.
Oh, and also epic talks about long-distance relationships, exchanges, and a lot of jealousy over pebblegosling's plans.

After just chatting all afternoon, and a staff meeting on my part, and yummy food, and drama with forgetting my ticket and having to go home again we finally got to The Jezabels concert. Which was amazing.

They aren't the kind of band that I can listen to at any time, I have to be in particular moods, but they are incredibly talented.
Firstly, their setlist was a lot like they chose my favourite tracks off their EPs. WIN. So so good.
Their music itself is so different, and not your standard pop/alternative stuff which made the musos in us so happy. We ended up going on a rant about composition afterwards. I mean, they used time signatures like 7/8 and even different time signatures over the top of one another. The drummer was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
We danced ridiculously, even though most people around us were standing stock still because we're awesome like that. (no idea how you would even be able to stand still listening to them, but to each their own)
One thing that amused us is that the lead singer kept reminding us of Washington. Purely in appearance their voices are completely different, she's tiny and the hair is the same - and so before we focused on her we kept seeing Washington. It was weird.
I also discovered this morning that they formed for a band competition at Sydney University. Of freaking course. XD

I had their closing song in my head all night.

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