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 It's 1am, I have to be up for work in about 5 hours or so, and I am on an utter high right now.

I just got home from Washington's concert, and it was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Not only is she one extremely talented lady, she infused so many of the songs tonight with so much emotion, it was insane. I would put a lot of money on the fact that something has happened in her love life, I mean, the way she sang a couple of songs in particular tonight was so different to last time - you could just feel the raw heartache in her voice.

I went with snuggle_monster, thalia03 and her sister, and it was good to let go a bit. I've had a bit of a rough week (to put it lightly) which I might explain in an entry tomorrow, and so I am glad this was on tonight.

A couple of songs in particular got to me.
'Someone Else in Mind' was intense. Intense. I haven't heard or seen her sing with that much intensity ever. I was in awe. I also teared up a bit at that.
'The Hardest Part' was insanely high-energy and followed on well, but was a completely different tone. It worked.

Just another couple of points and then I will crash. Firstly, her stories are hilarious. She was drunk, as always, and was so funny. Innuendo, swearing, you name it. *chuckles* She cracks me up.
I noticed, and commented to snuggle_monster at one point that a lot of her songs had been slowed down. To which she replied 'yeah, they're all at drunkato tempo'. Me: *doubles over laughing*

Now, I'm as straight as people come. But tonight, good lord she was sexy. Whoa. Girlcrush is still going strong, evidently.
Perhaps my Kinsey scale number isn't as close to 0 as I thought

I can't always tell what is going to get to me the most, and this time the song came out of nowhere. It was actually my least favourite on the album, but tonight I just lost it a bit. I'll post the lyrics here for now, but it was something about the way she sang it, combined with recent events that just got to me.

All the things you've said
And things you've done
I remember, in memoriam
You said that you did
But you did not
Oh, you ache for something
God knows what

I sing every song I've ever sung
From what we were to what we'll become
And full of hope and electricity
Now I let you make a man of me

What can I do?
What can I do?
What can I do?
Now I am on fire
I believe you
I believe you
I believe you
I believe you, liar

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