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 I just watched the new Glee episode and burst into tears twice. I won't go into it too much, [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling  has already done that and I agree with everything she said. It was rather amazing.

A list of the randomness that is my life. )
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Today, my brain exploded. Why? I was chatting to M after class today, just general get-to-know each other stuff, and we got onto the topic of harp (logically) and in turn, harpisan. I mention that she recognised her name, and described her. It turns out that M let harpisan use her lever harp at some random festival way back in 2007. WHAT THE?!?! How the heck did I single out the one harpist, who turns out to know the harpist I met LAST year, who is now one of my closest friends.
My conclusion: The music world is small. The harp world is just miniscule.

All in all, today was a great day. I have this stupid grin on my face, just because I fit. I felt so so so comfortable, and everyone was so friendly.
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Musos are awesome. The end.

Just a short one today.
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I must say, I am pretty much exhausted. I'm so out of routine it's not even funny. I need to fix that, pronto.

Why am I so tired? I've been at uni orientation, for my actual degree this time! I'm so excited - but also still a teensy bit stressed over subject clash stuff. It's nearly all fixed... fingers crossed. Anyway, let me just say this: Musos are awesome. *nods* They just are. Everyone I met was so sweet, and I have a feeling that being part of this group of first year strings is going to be amazing.

Speaking of new people, I had a big sense of deja vu yesterday - I think it's pretty funny. I was talking to this girl, M, about general things, and timetable issues etc. Of course, then we get into the 'what instrument/where you're from/why you're at this uni' type questions. Get this: she is an ex-VCASS harpist, who is from a town about 2 hours away so is currently living on campus. Look, obviously harpists just love me... XD Oh and she only bought a pedal harp because there is nowhere to study lever harp here, she'd have to go overseas. Sound familiar? The only difference is this time I knew what she was talking about!
As an aside to that, how come they always have gorgeous hair?? So not fair.

'We've got a little group going here, we'll be right for Monday'
This was said by a girl I'd literally just met - but it was so sweet! I think I'm going to do ok here =)

Other than meeting new people, yesterday was pretty boring and obvious. And longgg. I crashed pretty much as soon as I got home - it was so bad. So much for practice...

Today was just as bad - so much so that I bailed early and crashed at N's (friend who I went overseas with, and lives across the road) until I went to meet pebblegosling. We ended up wandering around, eating yummy cakes and admiring chocolate turtles. Fun! Then it was back to hers to steal Glee music and random videos. And leaving much later than planned, then getting stuck trying to get a train back to my car. Then the (surprisingly traffic-free) drive home.

Phew. I feel like I've been awake for ages - oh wait, I have.
That's enough for now then

PS I am a lobster. I seriously hate being this pale sometimes >.<


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