Jul. 3rd, 2011 09:46 pm
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 Well, I'm not sure that the past few days could have been more different.

Friday was my uncle's funeral, which I won't say too much about but it was a good service, and very appropriate to him. Which is all anyone can hope for really. I love my family to pieces, I mean, who else could have a funeral that includes a rewrite of 'Long Way To The Top' as sung by his siblings and be so irreverent... but still be so meaningful.
I worked out early on that I was going to be the one that held myself together the best - and sure enough I was. I made it through with only a few tears shed in the final song, whereas the rest of my family were pretty much crying constantly. *shakes head* I don't know where I pull that from, I always feel like I cry at everything. I've had two separate people tell me that this doesn't surprise them in the slightest, and I guess it makes sense but it still felt weird.
Of course, heading to work on Saturday morning Will I? from Rent came up on shuffle and I lost it. I hadn't had enough sleep, I was emotionally drained, and ended up crying pretty much the rest of the way to work. Pretty telling huh XD

Saturday was my 21st, with masses of people. Mostly family (from Mum's side - ie all the people who are mourning my uncle) so I thought it was going to be interesting. True to form, no one else would have even realised there was anything wrong - we certainly do know how to have a good time. Speaking of, there were heaps of family members that I hadn't seen in years and years so it was great to chat for a while, even if it was only for small amounts of time.

I got home from work, got massively behind my planned schedule, and then roped Ame into helping me out with decorations as well as doing my make-up (she did an amazing job <3).
The food from the caterers was really good, as were the slices Mum and I spent all week baking if I do say so myself. I took heaps of photos, so I will try to remember to post one later on!

I got so many lovely presents, so much utterly gorgeous jewellery (including two pairs of real diamond earrings which made me flail both times THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) and a fair bit of cash and vouchers which I am plotting how to spend now. I can finally buy a few things off my wishlists that I've had going since the start of the year. Everyone was so generous, I was a little overwhelmed.
Said wishlists are also very telling about me, I think almost every single item has something to do with music. Except the Tamora Pierce books that my brother is giving me money for (enough for an entire series fdjhksfvhfref WHY SO AWESOME?!)

I have to say, I got off pretty easily with the speeches - pebblegosling was skyping in, and she would have spoken up if she was there - and I daresay she would have embarrassed me more than my parents did. My brother made a really cute speech though.
Although, they did show this video of me singing when I was about 5 years old. I was so not in tune it made me cringe. At least I was cute... XD
Actually the most mortifying moment was completely unintentional on my Mum's part - I wanted the ground to swallow me because I know what dirty minds my friends have. My brother was doubled over he was laughing that hard... My mum was talking about how she'd at least taught me 'how to open her mouth wide' or something like that. My god. I'll leave that there now...

Today I got up at 10:30 to see those who'd stayed over off, stayed on tumblr and bookmarking fic for later, went back to bed for 3 hours despite my brother drumming, finally decided to get up, read said fic, went out for dinner with the work crowd, and now I'm back here planning on starting a TV show marathon - Doctor Who, Secret Diary of a Call Girl or Downton Abbey, I haven't quite decided yet. Pretty perfect come-down, I must say.

Bye for now!
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I love that song so much. 

This week has been decidedly weird. There's all the drama with my car, assignments and everything - so naturally I ended up a bit stressed and strung out. A meltdown of sorts was inevitable... but I nearly made it to mid-semester break.
Yesterday I just lost it, because Ame and I had worked hard on our speech for Indo on Sunday, and thought we were good to go. Then, we read the unit guide and got really confused - so, we went and saw our teacher. Who confused us more, and I was so pissed and confused and stressed that we hadn't done it right and just ugh. I panicked, and got really upset - I hadn't done any practice then either, so I was worried about my lesson, and the fact that I had to go to work. We ended up skipping my second Indo class and I went and used the music room near her flat (she lives on campus) to play and make myself feel better. She also gives the most amazing massages, seriously I felt like I could move my shoulders properly for the first time in a long while. <3 Thank you.

Then, I get home last night and was told that one of my great-uncles has passed away. I'm sad, but more because I'm struggling to remember him. It's strange to think that had it been the same relation on my mum's side, I'd be devastated but because it's on Dad's and we really don't see them much I'm not. Sending my love out to the family though.

And that brings me to now. Still procrastinating fixing this speech and doing the powerpoint (even though it's tomorrow eek) and wondering just where time goes on Tuesday mornings. I'll work it out, but for now I'll leave this here.

PS. It sounds strange because I do see them a bit, but I miss my friends. As in, I miss spending decent amounts of time just hanging out. 
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I freaking love my life. I'm currently listening to the 'Priscilla: Queen of the Desert - The Musical' soundtrack, and it counts as study. 'MacArthur Park' is on there, and I seriously just laughed so hard. (the cake in the rain song, for the majority of people who wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about). I then got all nostalgic about missing last year, and especially our Aural classes... this years just can't compete (on that note, so screwed for that exam. AGH)

Much muso speak here. You have been warned. )

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Today's been the first genuinely good day in a while...

First of all, I played taxi - I was a little annoyed at this but oh well. Then randomly decided I wanted maccas breaky, so I treated myself. And drank coffee without sugar (odd for me). Anyway, so I headed home and did some practice for my Aural exam, and then promptly fell back asleep. Go me... Thankfully, in my half asleep state I had remembered to put an alarm on my phone so I'd wake up again in time to leave for my exam.

As it turns out, there was no need to rush - they were running very behind. I finally went in at 2 and guess what? It was totally fine. I missed a couple by a semitone, and he gave me a b**** of an exercise to sing - and he said 'perfect' after it!! I also nailed the Lydian mode - which is awesome. I knew I was a little stressed about this, but I didn't realise just how much until it was over and I just felt so much better than I have for weeks. I think it was the same for others too, so much better.
(for you musos this is the exercise in scale degrees: 7 9 8 b7 8 b9 8 b7 6 8 5 - that's all we were given, as well as the 1st degree of the scale)

Then it was off home again, and I actually started on the mammoth pile of ironing that's been building up for months XD
And did a little bit of practice. OH! MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! I can play the bottom octave of the major scale in tenths. YAY. It still hurts like hell but at least I can do it.

It got to about 6 and I was wondering where my family was. Thanks guys, no one thought to tell me no one was going to be home until after 8pm. It was kind of freaky though, I was literally about to call Dad to ask where he was when the phone rang. Guess who? Dad, of course. Anyway, after dinner I had to go get my laptop from my friend's place, he'd fixed a virus for me! In a day. He's awesome. Although I always forget how much we talk when we meet up (it's not often, see) and I was home a good deal later than I meant to be. As such, I haven't actually done any study tonight. Story of my life the past few days - I managed to watch Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother in 2 days, and tonight I've been youtubing Florence and the Machine and wondering why I didn't listen to her music when everyone else told me too. So sad that I can't afford to go to the concert with N. Although I have noticed that she has an obsession with leotards with long sleeves. With legs like that I'd probably wear them all the time too...

I shall leave you with an epic quote from Lily of HIMYM, because it made me laugh so much.

They're referring to a faded pair of overalls that Marshall has found from when he was younger.
'If you had worn these things in college even I wouldn't have slept with you. And, if you recall, I was good to go....'

Oh, and this.

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Let me begin by saying that I love 'Grey's Anatomy'. I really do. I'm one of those people who will watch it until it gets axed, no matter if that's another season or 10. Sometimes, I have no idea why I am so addicted to it. Yes, it can be funny, but it's not a comedy. It's a medical drama - and I'm not so good with blood... It is now so convoluted and soap-opera-esque that sometimes even I (a fan from the very beginning) can't follow it. But sometimes, just sometimes, it just gets it right.

A clip of a great show, and uni ramblings )
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I swore to myself I wouldn't cry this morning. I almost suceeded too.

(Musings on church) )

I'm glad to say my day got a lot better from there! N came over this afternoon, so we could get organised and pack. Twas fun - and pretty funny because we were both pretty out of it. For example, multiple times I went to do something and would completely lose my train of thought. I think we got everything we wanted to done, so all is good. *grins*
I am so excited. *bounces*

Plus, I bought Love Actually - which I am about to go clean up, and then watch it.
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Right now I'm feeling kind of, deflated, and I'm not sure why. It's not because I'm tired, although I am very much overtired from this semester - and it doesn't appear that I'll magically get more rest anytime soon. It's not that my computer still has that silly virus, although that is rather annoying. It's not that I'm being unproductive, that's become the norm lately. It's just a general 'ugh' feeling. I need to shake it somehow, and quickly, but I don't know how. HELP!!

Actually, what I want to do is go see a movie. If I'd had today as planned that'd be fine, but as life does, my plans changed >.< I'm working tonight, and don't really have the time. As much as I need the money (and like my job) I just really cannot be bothered at the moment. GAH

I have also set new records for my sleeping-in. Not that I sleep late, no, I don't get the opportunity to do that nearly as much as I'd like. I'm just getting far too good at sleeping *through* my alarm. And if we're talking about yesterday, doctor's appointments. And today, I realised I'd managed to set my alarm for 9pm, so naturally, it didn't wake me up at 9am when I was supposed to get up. *facepalm*

On a different note, I am very happy for my brother - his Rock Eisteddfod team were so good. They won the state finals last night for the Raw division (no sets and limited props). They're now in the running for Nationals, and I wish them all the best of luck. =]

That's enough for me for today, now off to listen to Newton Faulkner's new album. Hopefully that can cheer me up.


Aug. 6th, 2009 07:07 pm
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Ahh it's official. The Asianifier has got me - I'm hooked on Arashi. *facepalm* The joys of her giving me some of her music (read: forcing me to listen to what she thinks i should :P)  Essentially, she doubled my music collection - and I have to say I love most of it. Even, I'm ashamed to say, some of the Jonas Brothers' stuff....don't bash me!
So anyway, that's what I've been listening to for the past week - some 500 new songs :D

Also, this trip is starting to feel more real - last internal plane flight is now booked and paid for!!! Kinda scary to think it's coming up, but it's so exciting too. :D:D:D:D:D

Eurgh, vtac applications again. Joy of joys. Let's just hope i'll end up in a music course next year hey. Even if i don't, as mum put it "just keep auditioning until you do" aww love her.

This blog is so disjointed, just my random thoughts as always. I can't seem to think in a straight line at all - draining day sitting in front of a computer. GAH

Maybe I'll just leave it for now, find something else mindless to do. Or practice. Whatever



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