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 Secret Diary of a Call Girl is back! Yay for British TV and featured actresses who are shaped like real women (even better when they're the focus of a very sexual story). The end of the ep was super-cute too.

Over the past few days my life has been pretty boring, with a couple of exceptions. I've been reorganising my life, as I have said before, and I am well on my way to feeling like I am! Work was fun yesterday morning, even though I was in a really bizarre mood. I had a sore throat and blocked sinuses (still do, not fun) but my students are great. One of those moments when I realise that I am doing the right course for me, and that i will be perfectly happy if I teach and do those shows like 'The Sound of Music'. If that's the extent of my career? That's right - that's fine.

I spent the afternoon organising my internet bookmarks. Then sending an epic email to [livejournal.com profile] sine_animo  with Klaine fic recs. And then epic fb spam of my music, because that's one thing we hadn't talked about. Yep, we have similar tastes too. =D
It amused me that she posted on lj about being 'pathetic' on Saturday nights, story of my LIFE. I don't even care. I have fun!

On my to-do list for this afternoon:
- Pack for Adelaide. Tomorrow will fly and I am going to uni/work. I leave Tuesday evening. I'm so excited, it'll be great to see my great-uncle and aunt again, and the fringe festival in general sounds so awesome.
- keep relabelling a whole lot of music taken off a friend's ipod.
- talk to my parents about getting lifts to and from the airport this week.
- start going through my violin music and put some sort of organisational system in place so I can find stuff
- practice
- post a link to 'The Dam Breaks' to fb. Daunting but I really really want to.

On that last point, thank you for your responses. *squishes f-list* I love you guys. I do.

At some point I should go have a shower too, I guess. 

Ooh one more thing! I haven't done this yet, but I now have twitter (pebblegosling's fault, blame her for making me get one if it's boring).
Follow me?

Now, I shall be off to start on this list so I can start the new semester of uni feeling on top of everything. I know that won't last long but I can certainly try.

Edit: I just started listening to this and got shivers up and down my spine. She's amazing.
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 Father Bob Maguire - you are awesome. Yep.

I love that his 'clarification that he didn't say he would marry a gay couple' ended up being closer to 'I can't because the law says I can't but I would provide pastoral support to any same-sex couples who wanted me to say a few ritual words' and so on. So, basically, 'I can't until it's legal but I have no problem participating in ceremonies for anyone'

People like him give me hope. <3

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, he's a Catholic priest in Australia who has essentially come out and said the above.  And is getting a whole lot of media coverage.
The way he said it, he obviously still values the work he does as a priest and as a part of the Catholic church, made me ridiculously happy. <3

And now that I've rambled about that, I will tell you that I saw Ame today, bought those English books, and am now going to settle down into doing a couple of memes. So this will end up quite long, I assure you. HAHAHA Oh I just remembered, one of the books I had to buy was Hamlet. On the cover, there is a picture of Jude Law. It was a bit epic.

Oh! Last night I actually cleaned out my 'I-don't-know-where-it-goes-so-it-goes-here' drawer. At 2am. There's probably something wrong with me, I clean late at night far too often.

Now, because I have been tagged by two separate people, I'm actually going to do this. (btw this also has a lot to do with the fact that I ended up not having to go to work tonight. sweet!)

Meme number one )

Last.fm meme! Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] kimberry531 

Meme number two )

Kudos to anyone who got through all that. Now, I am off to read the new chapters of two of my favourite fics.
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 I am still buzzing from the gig tonight. It was amazing. More on that in just a moment.

All in all, today was a great day )

You just call out my name
And you know, wherever I am
I'll come running
To see you again

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
All you've got to do is call
And I'll be there
You've got a friend
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I can feel it already, this is going to be a scatterbrained entry.

A lot and nothing seems to have happened since I last posted, which is a weird feeling. I worked out that every single day this week I've gone out twice, and this will continue until I go away for a few days next week. I'm pretty tired right now, but my brain is still racing.

Of in-jokes, craziness, and being 'saaahh indie' )
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I got the job! I am so so so happy and excited right now - I mean, this is what I want to do with my life. I can actually make money off my violin. Okay, so it's not perfect. Yet. The guy who runs the music school is this sweet older Indonesian man (I will never get over how happy Indonesians get when they hear you speak even a bit of their language) and he told me on the spot that he wanted to offer me the position, starting this week. Only problem is, he wants me to do Saturdays. Which coincides with my shift at the pharmacy - so I'll have to reshuffle it. At least he did say that if I do a couple of weeks and speak to the parents, I might be able to change days. He was also really pleased to hear I can also teach piano - so I may end up with another day as well. I really want to do this, so off to speak to Dad I go...

Creepy voices, dirty humour and obsession with musicals )

One Thing )

PS. Congratulations to Chris Colfer on winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor on a TV show, TV movie or mini series!! Eeee! So well-deserved, he is an amazing actor. He also looks gorgeous in that suit. Whoa.
This is absolutely adorable. I love how the cast is such a little family. Just, naww.

"But mostly importantly [a thank you] to all the amazing kids that watch our show and that our show celebrates and are' constantly told 'no' [by] people and environments and bullies at school, that they can't be who they are or can't have what they want because of who they are, well, screw that, kids."
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 I've had an insane couple of days since I last posted. On Thursday I went into the city to see pebblegosling before she heads off to the beach for a while, spent about an hour at home before going to meet another friend who I haven't seen in a while, another half hour at home and then heading off to the show. Not sure if I've mentioned this specifically amongst all the excitement of actually playing in it, but it takes me an hour one way to drive there. It's kind of exhausting.

Yesterday I went to the movies to see Tangled with harpisan. Much-needed silliness ensued. After the movie we got coffees and tried to escape the heat for a while, and then headed back to her place so I could 'help' her clean out her wardrobe. Not sure I helped very much - but I did end up with a gorgeous coat that she was getting rid of, as well as a cute red skirt and 2 cardis.

Tangled! )

So here's some more of the meme for you. This part is only difficult because there aren't enough spots for all of the people I would list if I could.

Five Things )

Alright so now I probably won't be able to post until at least Monday. Today and tomorrow promise to be utterly insane. There are two shows today, with dinner with the orchestra between them. As well as snuggle_monster coming to the show tonight, and possibly meeting me a bit early to chat for a while. I've promised myself I won't pike out of drinks tonight - I have fun when I do but most of the time I'm so fixated on getting home that I can't be bothered. Before I go I'm going to try and pack away the masses of clothes strewn across my room (actually, I need to do a clean out myself). Tomorrow is closing night ... afternoon. So it's bump out, pack up, not that I'm sure exactly what we orchestra people have to do, and then an after party. I am going to crash so badly after that!
But yes, off to clean. Bye!
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 I'm blogging consistently! F-list, be proud. Or bored. I hope it's not the latter =P

For the rest of yesterday I went shopping, meant to just be window-shopping but I ended up buying quite a few things - but really cheaply so I was really happy! 3 dresses and a top, to be precise. All of that and I only spent $63. Impressive methinks. Anyway I thought I'd post pictures of them, just on my lovely floor (as opposed to me wearing them - that's far too much effort XD) and pictures of other presents I got for Christmas because [livejournal.com profile] utopiandream  asked ages ago and I forgot.

Here be pictures )

I've had quite a good day today actually, I caught up with H who I hadn't seen in months. We wandered and shopped, and eventually I realised that I should eat something so we got Nandos (yum) and just chatted about lots of random stuff. It was fun!
I am listening to the music of a band I have very recently started liking - The Jezabels. Not often I fall in love with a band in the space of a few bars - without any singing. My next thought was 'please have a good voice please have a good voice' and she did! <3

... and videos )

Now I am off to watch The Road To El Dorado. Yep, another kids movie. Shut up. It's one I vaguely remember liking, but don't remember anything about.
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 Wow guys, the response to my last post was incredible! Thank you!

I've actually been meaning to post an actual update for about a week now, but then real life actually did get in the way. A lot of my time has been taken up by this production, but I now have a couple of days off which is nice. I ended up going to see the New Years Eve fireworks with pebblegosling, wolfielove, a_new_divide and a couple of other friends, which was great fun. Very exciting, as I had never brought in the new year in the city before. So many people! Can totally understand why we've never been now, Mum hates crowds.

The randomness that is my life. Again. )

And now - onto the meme! Which I have been neglecting, mainly because this part of it is difficult for me. I am the sort of person who traces each event in my life to who I am now. Anything that I would change, would change who I am now dramatically, and honestly, I like where I am in life right now.

Six things )

And that's it for today! I have a fair few plans for February, but almost none for the next few weeks - which is a nice change of pace. I won't get any extra shifts at work, January is dead, so I think I'll sit at home, watch movies, catch up with harpisan (hopefully!) organise my music to go onto the ipod I just bought off snuggle_monster, fixing up my lj tags (going to take me a while...), go shopping because I can, and the like.
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 I have been trying to work up the energy to write this post for nearly two whole days now. It was meant to be a New Years Eve thing but what with phone calls and sleeping in and the show I got a bit behind schedule. Then I went out, got home at 2am, and had to work at 9am this morning. My room still has clothes all over it and that has been on my to-do list for a few days now. But I digress. I thought I'd reflect a little on my year and write it down for once, I'm always interested in how things change. This still counts, because it's not the end of New Years Day yet. Right? =D

So here we go.

2010 was the year:

My year was eventful, apparently )

Wishing you all a happy year to come.
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 Um, guys. Look what popped up in my facebook newsfeed today.

Still not my favourite version, but it's my favourite artist singing my favourite carol. Exciting stuff!

Real life is real and awesome )

I've let this go for a while, but here we are again with the meme.
Seven Things )

And lastly, but certainly not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling .
Have a great day!

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You know that you're growing up when the appeal of Christmas isn't the presents any more. Alright alright well they're only part of it! =P

The music, seeing my whole family at once, giving out presents.
I'm currently watching Carols by Candlelight and it's pretty great. Love carols.

I thought I'd wish my lovely f-list a Merry Christmas, and what better way to do it than a collection of my favourite carols and Christmas songs (yes I make a distinction, shh). 

This movie is one of my favourite chick flicks, and amazing at putting me in the Christmas spirit. Every time this song comes on (and it did a lot at work tonight) I have this incredible urge to sing and dance like a complete idiot. <3
Like this in fact.


One last one. I've posted this before, but it's the object of my current obsession, singing one of my favourite Christmas songs.

I hope your day is wonderful, filled with yummy food, family, presents and most importantly - love.
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 I've had a good day today, insanely busy day at work (Christmas is approaching indeed) and then racing off on 3 hour round trip drive to meet harpisan for dinner. Totally worth it. Love that girl to pieces. This trip was organised highly uncharacteristically at midnight last night, and texts today...
Actually work, Christmas shopping and driving an insane amount have been my life for the past few days.

Oh, and flailing/fangirling over one Darren Criss. Which is what the remainder of this post will be.
Fanfiction, videos, music, Glee, you name it I've been reading/listening to it over the past few days. Helped along by pebblegosling's need to link me to things on fb. Wheeee!

Darren Criss flail. You have been warned. )
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I was a little bit excited... )
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 It's been a weird couple of days.

Actual update! )
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 If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - good music makes me happy. Very happy.
Just got back from a gig that I went to with pebblegosling, and it was awesome. Seabellies - have a video.

So much energy, catchy music. I don't have much hearing left right now, but hey, I can't have everything =P
Pebblegosling's first verdict: 'they're good, but I wouldn't have thought you'd be into this kind of music'
Heh. I can be full of surprises...

In other music news, I have recently acquired Sara Bareilles' album, and am liking it a fair bit. A couple of songs in particular have stood out, 'Uncharted' and 'Gonna get over you'. Her music is just a touch different from the Seabellies' XD

In other news:
- I've now caught up with N (friend I went overseas with) and Ame, which was great on both accounts
- I had a day just at home on Monday. Which was actually supposed to be a pretty busy day - so that was nice =)
- I am playing for one piece in my mum's community choir concert tomorrow night, which will be interesting. Oh, P, the other violinist has also offered to give me a hand with second year tech work over the holidays - which will probably be a god-send. It's a scary scary list of scales and exercises. Speaking of, I have given myself until the start of December off, and then the practice starts again.
- I am now waiting for Glee to download. Which I won't even watch tonight because I am so sleepy ... should have just gone to bed and did it in the morning. Ah well.

That's all for now I think!

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I'm currently at the point where I have so much to say that none of it is forming complete sentences in my head. It's weird.
So, instead of trying to write about my (brilliant) first week of holidays, I am going to do a spam of the random stuff that's in my head at the moment - or more specifically, what has entertained me the past week. So you may just get the idea anyway ;)

Warning: many pictures and videos lie within )
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I am spellbound. This is why I love music. This.

snuggle_monster recommended I buy her cd, and her voice is a bit strange and takes a little getting used to. A mix between Lisa Miller (who I have decided to go see on Saturday woo!) and Julia Stone. New music makes me happy. So happy.

I am officially ON HOLIDAYS! I'm so excited, 3 months of total freedom. Amazing. It hasn't quite hit me yet though, I keep going 'oh I should be... wait....' My Indonesian exam went really well, there was nothing major I couldn't do. Plus I got to write about WASHINGTON. So I was very happy. I then went to the uni bar to hang out for the last time as a class, kind of weird to think we'll be split up next year because some of them are doing units overseas and will be ahead etc etc. 

Then snuggle_monster came over and we went cd/dvd shopping at this sale, and then I introduced her to the wonders of Mulan and Pocahontas (which as a 19-year-old Disney nut she inexplicably hadn't seen). We decided that I am/was Nakoma, and she was Meeko in Pocahontas. Yes, the raccoon. Tehehehe. Oh and then talking until it was light about anything and everything. Perfect end to the year I say.
To snuggle_monster: *pokes* YOU'RE TOO CUTE. 

I had a minor freak-out when someone said 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that' on their way out of the bar.... My brain was all 'NOOO WAYYYY' Bwahahah. That had not even crossed my mind.

Random note: Kurt/Blaine in Glee are too adorable for me to handle. The End.
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Oh, nostalgia.

I had my recital this morning, and it went really well. My accompanist said it was the best I'd played it - which is awesome! So happy. Also, that's the big one DONE!
One more exam tomorrow, which I will study for later on tonight. For now I'm in far too bouncy and distractible a mood.

After our exams, H and I went in search of falafels (something we'd been meaning to do for ages) but ended up op-shopping and then headed to jb hi-fi as well. Woo! Twas fun.

Here was my haul:
Big blue tea mug - 50c
Steps cd we may or may not have been belting it on the way home - $1
Latest edition of the Melbourne/Victoria Lonely Planet Guide - $5 (It's worth $40 and looked almost new!!) I've been meaning to buy it for a while, and it was funny - I was *just* telling H that when she spotted it.
(500) Days of Summer (non-pirated copy :P) - $10
Jeff Buckley - 'Grace', Feist - 'The Reminder', and The Best of Electric Light orchestra - $20 for all 3

I nearly bought Beauty and the Beast too. I resisted though, soon. SOON.

H also gave me some movie tickets for driving her to uni this year. =D

And that's all for now, I'd really better get to work soon...
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I am content. Drinking tea and just chatting after a great afternoon/evening.

A stressful-turned-amazing day )


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